Monday, November 21, 2005

free downloads

the details are sketchy in my head, but causes, the child abuse treatment center that eb is interning at, was chosen by a booking company as its beneficiary for the year, and designated certain shows as fundraisers for the organization. so the ted leo + pharmacists show at the metro two weeks ago was such a fundraiser, and eb handed out info on her org and got to stay for the show. other friends who do not know eb were in attendance, and i asked if they knew that it was a benefit, but they had no idea - they just wanted to go to the show. regardless, causes made a lot of money and eb held onto a card that advertises this deal for me (i couldn't go).

go to to get 50 free songs. it is a subscription service, so you have to enter your credit card, but as soon as you choose your 50, you can cancel. they have a really decent selection, featuring indie bands and things that you might have a harder time finding on itunes or other pay sites. i got pj harvey's dry, the pixies' trompe le monde (both albums that i used to own and, between six moves since college, disappeared), and a whole mess of random songs. i was really happy to find chris connelley's "july," as i am now one song closer to completing my playlist recreation of the mixtape "oh, the utter tomfoolery of the summer of 1998" - yes, i am an obsessive).

also happy about scoring the spoon ep "love ways," which i knew nothing about, the coldplay ep "brothers and sisters," which was basically what they used to get signed, and my morning jacket doing "suspicious minds" (best elvis song ever) at the 9:30 club in dc.

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