Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i'll probably read one of these. haven't decided which yet, though.

similarities: both under-thirty biracial women who have acclaim in their respective fields and have published novels recently, and the new york times and washington post and other highly-respected media are covering and reviewing their works.

one happens to be british, is both a best-selling author and the darling of literary circles, and salman rushdie provided a quote for her debut’s book jacket. the other is a hollywood child-of-the-famous sad little rich girl ex-addict “reality”-tv star. when i said that they were both acclaimed, i meant that one of them is the radcliffe fellow at harvard and the other one . . . well, i think us weekly and in touch are always gushing about how great she looks as a 70-pounder.

the times explains nicole’s foray into, ahem, writing, and offers a cute diss:

In this thinly veiled roman à clef, which Ms. Richie said she wrote herself, more than a few characters bear a startling resemblance to people in her real life. Parker, she admitted, is based on her before her stint in rehab for a heroin addiction, and DJ Ray on her fiancé, Adam Goldberg (known professionally as DJ AM), right down to the gastric bypass surgery. There is even a character called Nicole Richie. (Step aside, Jonathan Safran Foer.)

the post manages to talk to zadie without asking about where she got her shoes. weird.

i saw zadie read at olsson’s books in dc (the same store mentioned in the article) when she was on her white teeth book tour in 2000. she was sweet, talking to everyone that bought her book and stood in line. she wrote top-five lists in everyone’s books (omg, we could soooo be friends). the girl in front of me had her dedicate the book “to sushi,” so she got giddy and said “oooh, a new one!!!” and wrote her list in my book:

Top 5 Sushi Choices according 2 me
1. Tuna
2. Salmon
3. Octopus
4. Clam
5. Eel

so now you know what to order next time you get together for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

nicole richie looks like a bobble head.

i saw that she was on the cover of Jane.

then i recalled that she was arrested for HEROIN POSSESSION when she was 23.

HEROIN is a very very big deal... that's not some fucking around recreational drug.

she was fat then. she's skinny now. i wonder how she lost the weight?

skittles? NO.
diet coke? NO (close).
cocaine? YES (got any?).
marlboro lights? YES.
crack cocaine? YES.