Thursday, November 10, 2005

ok go buy their new album

so where have i been? west virginia, virginia, dc and ohio, of course.

saw ok go tonight at schuba's. i have subscribed to jane magazine since it began in like 96 (i was a complete sassy devotee in high school and, after it folded, jane pratt began her exercise in narcissism shortly after), and my interest in it has completely waned, but tonight totally made up for the $10 i pay a year. i received an invite in the mail a few weeks ago for me to come to a jane- and lacoste-sponsored show, and i have been listening to the new ok go album a lot lately, and they mentioned something about free drinks, and i happily called in my rsvp plus three.

the opening band was tiny steps, from detroit. they were sunshiny indie pop and i liked them enough to give the guitarist $5 after they played for one of their cds. he was very gracious and sweet, introducing himself and thanking me. i'll have to see if their album is any good.

ok go's aesthetic is pretty great - the background for the stage is a bunch of slides showing awesomely bad 70s fabrics and prints, and they are dapper dressers - tight pants, ugly shirts, mismatched ties, narrow shoes, sparkly broaches. style over substance maybe, but their songs are rockin power pop that is actually really fun to watch. the lead singer is one charismatic motherfucker and something of an attention whore - totally pretty, good singer, likes to talk to the audience. tc was annoyed with his bedroom eyes and hott sneer - it's sexy when that just so happens to be how someone sings, but he looks like he practices it in the mirror. despite that, he IS pretty (and he would agree). they covered the violent femme's "prove my love" - which featured him running out into the audience to just shout the chorus. all the girls in the audience (and since this was a jane-sponsored event, that would be 90 percent) could not stop screaming. i heard a lot of retard "his ass is so hot" comments, and yeah, it was, but i honestly think that they're a fun band, and would happily go see them even if they all looked like the bass player. tb and his ladyfriend js came with us, and he smiled and said "the girls sure like em" which translates into "they're a GIRL band," but he liked them anyway.

they played most of the new album, a few songs from their first (i still love "get over it") and they claimed that they hate encores (of course, the singer can't just say it, he has to talk for about three minutes about how his sister saw depeche mode when she was in high school, and they had played like 12 encores, probably because, she thought, they were the best audience ever, but they did that every night of their tour, and he thinks that it's degrading to have to scream and clap for the band to come back, so they don't do encores, but . . .) and then they did their rad-as-shit choreographed dance to "a million ways," which left everyone screaming and laughing. it was awesome. mad props.

best free show ever. well, no, second-best (first would be coldplay at the beacon). i hate corporate sponsorship of art, but if it means i get to see a band for free (plus free booze), i'll take it.

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Anonymous said...

who knew that their lip sync "boy band" dance -- a joke at best -- would turn out to be an actual career move?

the mod clothing is stale as well.

i smell "desperation"