Monday, November 14, 2005

purely subjective, you realize.

i've been seeing a lot of "worst record album covers ever" websites lately. JOYCE is always on there - that's not a new one, even my retard ex has it posted as one of his friendster photos. or at least he did, back in the day. pitchfork has a pretty extensive feature (forwarded to me by jk - thanks jk!) and focuses on more obscure indie releases, while this website, which i was directed to off of the rock snob website (which mob sent me - thanks mob!), has a lot of old-school records that look TRULY indie (like, maybe the band played their church basement twice) if not self-released.

if you really loved me you would track the Satan Is Real album down for me so i can hang it next to my framed copy of the Music For Pussycats . . . And You Know Who You Are LP.

i happen to really like these two examples. german shepherd/reindeer wearing a lei and unicorns. did you know that unicorns vomit rainbows when they're getting fucked? unless that's a zebra with a horn. i couldn't really say.

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