Sunday, November 20, 2005

solitary man

saw Walk The Line on friday. it was excellent. i'm sure you've read reviews that rave about joaquin and reese, and they are right. i loved jamie foxx in Ray, but that movie felt like a made-for-VH1 docudrama. this feels like a real film, and the appearances of elvis, jerry lee lewis, and waylon jennings don't feel like bad imitations (shooter jennings, waylon's hygenically-challenged son, actually plays him in WTL). jamie foxx did a great ray charles, but joaquin was downright eerie as johnny cash - the voice, the stance, the dry humor. and, since i am not a real critic, i can say that it doesn't hurt at all that he is motherfuckin HOTT.

what's also interesting about the movie is that it makes you realize that the myth of johnny cash is a lot more hardscrabble and badass than he actually was, but that doesn't make him any less authentic. he never did serve time at folsom prison, and never shot a man in reno just to watch him die. his life and demeanor were really like the lyrics to "man in black," my favorite johnny cash song - he is pained by how hard life can be, and it is always a struggle to be a good man.

I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down/Livin' in the hopeless, hungry side of town/I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime/But is there because he's a victim of the times.

also, his love for june was just excruciating, and is the driving force behind the movie. everyone knows that he died of a broken heart in 03, four months after she had. they're both in the video for "hurt," which is probably the best thing that has ever aired on mtv, and it's amazing how matter-of-fact his mortality is portrayed. he's just saying, i'm old, i'm dying, and you will, too, someday.

his dad is played by the T-1000 in Terminator 2, the guy with the ears whose brother is in filter, and he is just as mean in WTL as he is in T2. his mom is played by shelby lynne, one of my favorite Tragic Ladies of Country.

johnny and i have the same birthday. um, different year, though.

watch the trailer here.

watch the "hurt" video here.

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Anonymous said...

I had a free pass to see Walk the Line last monday night (11/14). I took JS. we got there 30 minutes before show time and it was obvious that we were AT THE BACK of the FREE LOADER LINE.

we decided that we were never going to find seating together and we'd be placed in eith the the first or the second row closest to the screen (I got hi and saw "Blade" in the first row in 1997 and I had no idea what was going on onscreen). First or second row sucks shit.

So we said "what's on at 7 o'clock?" JS chose a movie neither of us had heard of called "Derailed."

We found out that when you have a free pass to a sneak preview, that really means that you have a free for all to see whatever you want.

We sat down to "Derailed" and my interest level immediately dropped because I saw "Jennifer Aniston" splash across the screen... I said loud enough for three rows to hear "awe, this is going to suck!"

I was right. It did suck shit. It employed what I call "retard logic."

If "grisley stabbings" + "gunshot headwounds blowing brains against windshields" + "rape" + "retard logic" = "entertainment" to you, go see "Derailed" before it's yanked from the theater.

Only six people left before the movie was over if that tells you anything.

Point of the comment: We found out that when you have a free pass to a sneak preview, that really means that you have a free for all to see whatever you want.