Thursday, November 17, 2005

stuff to read

john cusack wrote a thoughtful and articulate post on arianna huffington's blog on the state of our administration and gave shout-outs to jon stewart, hunter s thompson and martin luther king, jr. just one more reason to love him.

also, pete townsend has a blogspot blog. he's a grouchy old jerk, but in a loveable way. he appears to be writing a shitty novel and posting it chapter-by-chapter.

this website scares me - don't click around too much. i can smell their paranoia through my laptop. they are REAL americans - the kind that have bunkers and stockpiled weapons and join militias because they know that the government is monitoring them and that THE DAY is coming. anyway, they break down how the illuminati is controlling us when we watch the wizard of oz.

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