Wednesday, December 14, 2005

brushes with greatness

i went to an italian place in roscoe village with my friend js tonight - it's penny wine night at la mora, meaning that with an entree you get glasses of wine for a cent each (limit two per person, which is too bad). i had salmon with sweet potato fries. when i walked in i saw that js was at the table next to hot doug, who was with an older ladyfriend. it's hard to tell how old hot doug is - he is probably 40, and you can tell that he is an ex-punk with his kool horn-rimmed glasses and friendly talk-to-anyone demeanor, and the decor of hot doug's encased meats emporium is too rad to not belong to a hipster man. i took off my coat and hugged js hello and i said to him, "are you hot doug?" immediately after saying it i realized how ridiculous it would sound if he was not the owner of hot doug's, or, worse, a random guy named doug. he smiled and said yeah and i said "i love your hot dogs!" and sat down at my table, and he was like "i love it when strange girls say that to me," and we all laughed. i believe that he meant strange as in i am a stranger, not as in bizzaro.

go to his website and listen to his theme song (mp3s of rock, techno, and hybrid mixes). click here.

so js and i were catching up and she asked me if i had seen any bands lately. i told her that i really liked the chicago band moxie motive, that tb's friend te is the drummer and that they play the subterranean. the waitress was like "i don't mean to inturrupt, but what band are you talking about?" turns out that she is the lead singer's girlfriend and that she does a lot of their artwork and is working on their website. go to the website and listen to their mp3s. i like this one a lot. it's slower, though - they do rock, and they will be recording soon and putting together a proper release.

it's the smallest little world sometimes.

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