Sunday, December 11, 2005

christine = not me.

it's been a long time since i have posted my day's first ipod shuffle song. will try harder. not that anyone other than myself cares.

so today's was "Face To Face" - Siouxsie and the Banshees, from The Best Of

let's just say that i used to wear a lot of black. and black liquid eyeliner and brown lipstick and manic panic red wine hair dye. ps i am a pale white girl, what the clinique counter women would call a winter. i can't say that i always made the right fashion choices for myself. and maybe not the right music choices. my college boyfriend was all about bauhaus and skinny puppy and probably thought that it was really romantic to play joy division songs for me. i wasn't really a goth girl, but i had an appreciation for it.

i first got into this song in high school - i taped it off of the madison alternative radio station, 91.7 - it's on a mix tape i made in 1992. that's what kids in sucksville, usa, had to do, pre-internet and only 14 - keep a blank tape in the stereo and run over to press record when you heard the first few notes of songs that you liked. i don't even listen to the radio anymore.

my only real siouxsie association is that my friend ds dated a girl named ec in college. she was a transfer and we knew as soon as we saw her that we would seek her out to be a part of our insular goth-lite philosophy-reading black-nailpolish crowd. big mistake. ec was very smart and beautiful in a rail-thin, six-feet-tall, shorn-black-hair, cleopatra-eyeliner pierced-and-covered-in-tattoos way. she was also a crazy meth freak who came very close to smashing a plate over ds's head in the cafeteria after they broke up. she used to call me "christine, the strawberry girl," after the sioxsie song. not really my name but close enough. the wake also had a single called "christine," and my boyfriend bought it for me, and again, that's not my name. close. the goths just love that spelling apparently. also, i once made out with a very cute boy at a bar in wicker park while the kiss song "christine sixteen" was playing. this was this summer and thus i was not jailbait, so again, close, but not quite.

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Anonymous said...

oh, i loved the day that ec almost broke a plate over ds's head. that was, perhaps, one of the most truly dramatic moments i have witnessed. awesome. hard core.