Monday, December 26, 2005

dead pool 2006

i now proudly present my dead pool list for 2006.

i don't wish ill will on anyone. well, on most people. this is merely a prediction. this is not a hit list by any means, and i claim no responsibility for anyone's demise but my own. i don't consider this to be evil, since we all die, after all. i had no real strategy when choosing, but i knew that i had to get some young people in there to garner some points. some choices are obvious and some are wildcards. in no particular order:

robert blake, natasha lyonne, gerald ford, robert evans, courtney love, pete dougherty, liza minelli, liz taylor, suge knight, 50 cent, dmx, phil spector, nicole richie, jerry mathers, richard simmons, little richard, jerry lee lewis, chuck berry, fidel castro, saddam hussein, queen elizabeth, muhammad ali, mel brooks, woody allen, lady bird johnson, edward furlong, martin landau, kirk douglas, jerry lewis, john glenn, dick clark, whitney houston, pinochet, george lopez, boy george, scott weiland, kenneth mcgriff, don ho, andy griffith, kate moss, dick cheney, estelle getty, fats domino, corey haim, corey feldman, anton newcombe, refrigerator perry, wilford brimley, michael j fox, brooke astor

a formal apology to anyone listed above.


Anonymous said...

i strongly object to Estelle Getty and DMX making the list. I would like you to consider adding Paris Hilton's dog.


murphy said...

Oh no! The former-future-Mrs.-DJ-AM?! Ouch. The Coreys made me laugh out loud though.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Mathers... that's cruel. nobody wants him to die. especially by the gilotene... take off that big, fat head.

kirk douglas, jerry lewis, and the corey's... you should consider replacing with other geriatrics and drug addicts because they're already on my list and they'll end up cancelling each other out.

I'll email you my list.


itgirl said...

Liza! Really? And I'm with you on Michael J. Fox but Corey Feldman I don't know about...he's a voice on Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO! How could he die while doing such important stuff?

itgirl said...

Oops, the better link is this one.

Anonymous said...

Wait . . . I thought Kirk Douglas was already dead . . .