Thursday, December 15, 2005

drugs fuck up your body and give you man-hands.

ag kept telling me to try to catch the pam anderson roast on comedy central, but i never did. also, i have become so internet-and-netflix-dependent that i don't think i will ever have to watch tv again and will still be able to see everything worth watching (sooner or later).

so she tracked down some online clips for me. behold:

bea arthur reads from pam's debut novel. you like that, jk, don't you? that kid jokes about bea arthur so often i don't think he's kidding anymore. click here - second box on page. awesome site, btw, you fucking weirdo.

sarah silverman offers world-class digs for both pam and cwhoretny love. i love her discussion on pam's peta work, especially how she is so good at nursing the one-eyed trouser snake back to life. watch here.

train wreck. courtney is, like, bffs with pam, and also claims that she fucked tommy lee. which he - of course - denies. he fucked tara reid, but there's no way he'll cop to having sex with courtney. even courtney admits that no one tells their friends after bagging her. she's . . . well, i would say sad, if she wasn't so ridiculously self-obsessed and delusional. brace yourself and click here.

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