Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the first taste of the apple led to mankind's banishment to the earth (so they say)

today's first shuffle song on the ipod: "The First Taste" - Fiona Apple, from Tidal

this is probably my least favorite fiona apple song. she was 19, it was her debut album, she was allowed to write a crapper. the weak calypso background music - and the odd sing-it-sister-esque breakdown halfway through - are ill-advised at best. "slow like honey" and "pale september" from tidal are pretty boring, too - much too adult-contemporary for my taste. still infinitely better than anything that any other under-20 "musicians" are putting out. i saw you attempt to sing "edge of seventeen" on some awards show, lindsay lohan, and it was so rivetingly bad that i stopped flipping channels and stared. i hate feeling embarrassed for other people.

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SarahP said...

I only really knew the singles from that album, because I didn't own it--my sister did. but then she made a mix tape at one point when i was in college, and included "Never is a Promise" which has since become one of my favorite songs.