Tuesday, December 27, 2005

hold the whale sperm

today's first shuffle song: "I'm The One" - Descendents, from Everything Sucks

southern california pop-punk, but from actual old-school punks. this song could very well be the template for emo - the lyrics mirror the holy trinity in emo: girl problems, indignation, and self-entitlement. emo is lame but this song is rad.

my first descendents song was "weinerschnitzel" - featured prominently in pump up the volume, which i loved, even though i knew it was retarded, and christian slater's eyebrows are a mere distraction from how utterly assfaced he is.

lyrics in their entirety for "weinerschnitzel" - which is like, what, thirteen seconds long?

"welcome to der weinerschnitzel, may i take your order please?/
yeah, i want: two large cokes, two large fries, chili-cheese dog, large doctor pepper, super deluxe with cheese and tomato/
you want bill sperm with that?/

bill is their drummer's name, so i hope that the back story isn't that he worked at a fast food place and added his own special sauce. i always thought that the lyrics were "do you want whale sperm with that?" i prefer my mis-hearing.

milo, the lead singer, got his doctorate in biosciences, working away while his band took hiatuses. he's the one in glasses. sexy scientist! there used to be a really hot pharmacist at the walgreens in my hometown - he was there when i was in college. when i was home db and i kept looking around at the guys we saw at the mall, at the gas station, at the grocery store, and we were just like, "if we had never left, who the hell would we date here?" zubaz and green leather green bay packers jackets don't really turn me on.


Anonymous said...

the decendents put out a record called "milo goes to college" to help pay for milo's tuition.


Janet said...

I still say Christian Slater is the love child of Jack Nicholson. Mark my words.

I'm here through the BOB's. Congrats on your nom!:)