Wednesday, December 21, 2005

how DOES it feel?

happy wedding day, elton!

today's first shuffle song on the ipod: "Grey Seal" - Elton John, from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

first of all, it's no secret that elton did enough coke to be able to write a song directed, seemingly, at a goddamned seal. so, okay, bernie taupin wrote the words, but you know what i'm saying.

"And tell me grey seal/How does it feel/To be so wise/To see through eyes/That only see what's real/Tell me grey seal."

yeah. put down your ball and quit clapping your fins and tell me the secrets of the universe.

i went through an elton john phase in 2003 that was kinda severe. like, listening to his greatest hits double disc every day. all day. mob got me really into him, and i found myself buying up a bunch of his pre-80s stuff. after that he totally lost it - i say that the lion king shit was really the worst, but mob, being 10 years older, remembers that elton was so out of it and broke that he was in a sassoon jeans commercial, singing "sassoon says so much" to the tune of "sad songs say so much" in the early 80s. i think it's tacky when i hear brendan benson's "cold hands, warm heart" or m.i.a.'s "galang" in car commercials, but at least it hasn't come to that.

i lived in an awesome huge row house in dc with some all-time-favorite friends that year and dated a boy that everyone called danimal because, other than being named dan, was 6'5" and crazy (a good crazy . . . for the most part). danimal and i listened to elton john all the time, and i would walk from my house to cd's and listen to elton on my discman. my roommate hk asked me one night, as i cooked a tuna casserole (you can take the girl out of the midwest but . . .) and was listening, yes, to his greatest hits cd, if i was okay, and if she needed to take the cd away from me. she had had enough. i did eventually, too, and there are quite a few of his songs that i cannot tolerate, but i still love that arrogant old queen.

i never did like the song "daniel," though. before, during, and after danimal.

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