Tuesday, December 13, 2005

kims, jims, and some lists

various media outlets - and bloggers - are posting their Best Songs Of 2005 lists. i might do this but feel as if i will be subject to ridicule if i do (read here). not that i care necessarily. i would probably care more if absolutely no one read or commented on my list. i also have opinions on movies, concerts and more!!!! i really do!!!! wait, come back!!!!

this best-of list is fantastic because most of the songs have accompanying mp3s, and for songs that you'll actually want. the onion av club's best of 2005 found here.

metacritic tracks all of the year's reviews and compiles into sort of a cliff's notes or bell curve. it's so random that a kraftwerk album (live, no less) would be in the top ten. somewhere, finally, my college boyfriend is feeling vindicated. click here.

also, the onion av club has a new feature that, if it keeps up at the same level, is awesome. it's called "inventory" and makes the obsessive-list-maker in me giddy with possibility. this week: "five great songs about kims and jims." i need a copy of "kim the waitress" for my long-in-the-compiling re-creation-in-itunes of the mix tape i made in 1994. i am intimately familiar with all five songs and i agree - they are all great. if they had expanded the list to 10, they could have added "kim you bore me to death" by grandaddy, "kim gordon & the arthur doyle hand cream" by sonic youth, eminem's "kim" (in which he fantasizes about murdering her, so maybe its inclusion as "great" is debatable), tool's "jimmy," the clash's "jimmy jazz," tori amos' "toodles mr jim," the white stripes' "saint james infirmary blues," (not really about a man named james) and james blunt's "so long, jimmy." tb and js went to new york last weekend to see the snl dress rehearsal (dane cook host, james blunt musical guest) and they said that the show was inexplicably funny in person and that james blunt is tiny and has a creepy little aura about him.

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Sarah P said...

you do realize that the list you linked to (with MP3's) is basically made according to the rules given by that first guy? except that he kind of screwed it up by listing two "The" bands next to one another.