Thursday, December 08, 2005

my people love kung fu

my grandma's dad came to america from sarajevo. he was a croat. my grandma has taught me how to make two croatian dishes: stuffed peppers and green bean soup. the key to these dishes - both of which are amazing - is the sauce, which primarily consits of flour, a shitload of paprika, and spoonfulls of bacon fat. we are a hearty people. it's cold there.

i don't understand a lot of the croatian people's history of problems, and i don't really completely follow sarajevo's history, but i do know that i should probably like franz ferdinand more than i do. i saw them at the aragon ballroom last winter and they were just okay. and then they got killed in my homeland, and the great war started, and . . . sorry, that got really dumb.

but here is a heartwarming article that proves that we really just want to find common ground with our neighbors, from popbitch:

Is Bruce Lee answer to the Balkan Question?
The world's first statue of Bruce Lee has been erected in Mostar, Bosnia. Two young politicians this week unveiled the bronze Bruce, in a defensive martial arts pose, in an attempt to unite the factional town. The statue of Bruce faces north, so that Muslims in the eastern part of Mostar and Croats in its western half do not see him as poised for a fight with either of them. Bruce Lee was a folk hero in the Balkans throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and many children in the area are named after him. As the men behind the statue said, "This does not mean that Bruce will unite us... we will always be Muslim, Serbs or Croats... but one thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee."

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