Thursday, December 15, 2005

radars, unicorns and hookers: it's like a star trek convention in here.

it's my floor's holiday party at work. it is embarrassing how much food is in the conference room. i brought a box of dunkin donuts coffee in this morning, and it was gone within 20 minutes. we had a white elephant gift exchange - i won a hideous yellow glass bowl/ platter/ pointless decoration item that my boss genuinely liked, so now it's hers. my department director gave me five scratch-off lotto tickets and i won $2. the only work i have to do today is to write thank-you notes for all of people that hosted us in november. hence, blog, while i try to digest for the rest of my lunch hour.

radar magazine folded. their website not only makes no mention, but is still damn good and totally updated. i subscribed and got two issues in the mail - do i get a refund? gawker, though it enjoyed poking at its glossy rival, is not happy to see its sparring partner die so quickly. i am sad. i hope that they at least keep their website up - it was quick to update, had excellent reporting and great commentary, and really seemed like the best paper news/feature option to be published in a long time. (do YOU read magazines anymore? i subscribe to like seven and i find that by the time i read about something in a paper magazine, someone already discovered, uncovered and dismissed online).

the washington post reports on the new war on prostitution, which finds fundies and feminists working together: rather than arrest the women, the law will go after the pimps and the johns. i bet THAT will work. grossest quote: they interviewed a guy leaving a dc massage parlor (brothel) and he defended himself, saying, "It's like going to a doctor. A love doctor." ewwwww.

rm knows me too well: she sent me this ny times article with the subject line UNICORNS OF THE SEA! i can't tell if narwals are adorable or hideously frightening. i have similar issues when judging men. i find myself strangely attracted: "The whale has eyes, though small ones. It also has a thick layer of blubber and no dorsal fin so it can swim easily under the ice. Like any whale, it must surface periodically to breathe air. And as in dolphins, its mouth is set in a permanent smile."

another great blog's best-of-the-year list, with mp3s. click here.

watch this short film that is a study in feeling embarrassed for other people. this is quite endearing - and excruciating to watch. i love the crowd reactions and when he gets really into the songs.

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