Friday, December 09, 2005

toil toil toil til i get sick/i try reverse but i'm not that quick

i really like this blog - lots of good mp3s. he compiled an excellent holiday cd with all of the songs available to download. i made a decent holiday mix two years ago for my friends and mailed them out with cards and ecf sent me an email that was like "this cd is fucking awful." i love gracious people. be sure to at least check out the ravonettes song, and one of my favorite xmas songs, regardless of who is covering it, is "christmas (baby please come home)" - death cab does a good job. also, "the new year" is my favorite death cab song, even though i am about 92 percent over them. bookmark this site and happy downloading:

alec baldwin is going to host SNL for a 12th time, making him neck-and-neck with current record-holder steve martin, and bypassing john goodman. (huh - bypass. john goodman. good one). i don't know what makes alec so appealing, especially for all of the reasons to dismiss him as a silly assclown (his family, his weird ongoing fights with his ex-wife, his empty threats to move to canada), but i think he's great. maybe it's the voice. his schwety balls are delicious, so i hear.

this posting, The Field Guide to North American Hipsters, Vol. I, identifies such species as the punk, the emo kid, the pop nerd, the indie fan, and the local scene idiot. should you encounter any of them in the forest, immediately hit shuffle on your ipod and pray to christ that it doesn't queue up kenny roger's "lady." nothing disappoints a hipster more than unironic love for crap music. they will be too weak to attack, but they will talk/lecture you to death.

sam, the ugliest dog in the world, passed away. here is a website dedicated to him. may you find the peace in death that you clearly would have been incapable of finding on earth, due to how insanely fucking hideous you were. he looks like someone lit him on fire and then ran over him with the lawn mower. i love animals, but he was just frightening.

the picture of health: radar interviews a 100-pound burger-king obsessed competitive eating champ.

the ny times lists their 100 notable books of 2005. the best book i read this year was extremely loud and incredibly close. i'm pissed that jonathan safran foer's book didn't even make the top 100 list but curtis sittenfeld's prep was in the top 10. i expected a lot more from ms sittenfeld. she was publishing articles and short fiction when she was in high school, and as a debut novel, i have no idea why everyone thought it was so great. eggers even offered a quote for the book jacket, calling it hilarious. um, no, it was not. it sucked.

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the syracusan said...

The Something Awful article is killing me. KILLING ME. Why do I live in the worldwide headquarters for this shit? WHY??????