Sunday, January 08, 2006

2006: A Year of Something Different

new years resolutions are destined for failure. they're often vague ideas of how you'd like to improve yourself, and they are usually uncomfortable. like quit smoking, lose weight, be a morning person. blargh. so i've decided to not set any resolutions per se, but to make sure that 2006 is a year of something different for me. i am a restless person who loses interest in mundane tasks pretty easily, so i am going to choose 51 things to do for one week at a time that is different for me.

i am not going to make myself quit smoking forever and ever, but i am going to choose one week later this year in which i will not smoke. one week, i will not swear. for one week i will learn about wine. one week i will brush up on my spanish and watch a lot of telemundo. i might watch every monty python movie in one week to see what it is about them that i avoid and baselessly hate. i have been working on a list; some ideas seem super fun (40s week, where i drink a different brand of beer in a 40-oz bottle every evening, the more obscure and perhaps nasty the better, and rate them) and some seem like i am just trying to torture myself (sports week, math week). i am looking forward to chicago landmarks week, where i hit a different one each day, and to bartending week, where i learn how to make lots of different drinks and finally learn the differences between scotch, whiskey and bourbon. i'm picturing summer nights with experimental blender drinks and me making manhattans and tom collinses and other old-school drinks that i would never order.

i am totally happy to take suggestions and ideas. please - i have about 50 but not all of them are possible. jk and i came up with some really bizarre ones the other night (like colors week - where, on say, red day, i can only wear red clothes, eat red food, and listen to bands with the word red in their names, and then the next day is blue day, etc). each week runs from sunday through saturday (so that i never have to endure a full weekend devoted to, say, only eating vegan).

so today was day one of the first week of my Year of Something Different. this one's basically a snap, but also long overdue and takes effort on my part: contact old friends week. i owe so many people emails and calls and time, and i am a total procrastinator. so i did well on my first day of my first week - i played pool with my friend rb, who i hadn't seen since august, which is pretty inexcusable. we had a really good time, even though we are both miserable pool players. she is very zen and calm and it was fun to hang out.

so the Year of Something Different is off to a nice start. i bet i wont be so happy during life-on-$10-a-day week, which i'm not so sure i'm actually going to attempt.

ps the photo is from my unicorn surprise birthday party last year. it was my favorite moment of 2005. em and eb were total geniuses - and amazing friends - for putting everything together. if i could get away with eating unicorndogs every day, that would be my new years resolution. however, they are magical and mystical and very rare, as i'm sure you know, so instead i will do my week-by-week plan.


Anonymous said...

The length of time for this project=one week.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be a homo for one week.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you're 65 and retired and looking for something to do...

Anonymous said...

crochet week, knitting week, quilting week.

Anonymous said...

I am excited that I will probably be talking to you sometime this week. I have lots to tell.

I also have ideas:
watch only spanish tv week.
funny walk week (a la monty python)
no "um" or "ah" week.
model pose week (you have to strike a model pose everytime you enter a new room).

I'm not sure any of these would make you a better person (except for the grammar one), but I'll bet they will be fun.

Katie K.