Sunday, January 08, 2006

addendum: i think i regret not adding STAR WARS EPISODE 3 to my top-five movies of the year list.

during the weeks after hurricane katrina and the most embarrassing display of government failure i can recall, i thought a lot about the two vacations i have taken to new orleans and the area, and how much i loved it. i loved the history of the city, the french quarter, the regional dialect and way of life, the swamplands, the folk art, the music, the food, the chicory coffee, the rum, the attitude, the street performers, the family that sold hj and i a bag of fresh kettle corn out of their truck in the winn-dixie parking lot, the guy from whom i bought hot dogs and mac-and-cheese at 4 in the morning that he was grilling up in the front yard of a bar, the crazy-diverse population of gross-rich and tragic-poor and punk and goth and creole and working-class and privileged college kids and even the retardo tourists. hj was doing her masters at tulane, and i went two years in a row to visit. she has been working in africa (doing something really simple, like solving the aids crisis) for the past few years, and her passport is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen with all of its stamps and languages and dates, but she is returning to new orleans this summer to finish her phd at tulane. i will be back to visit her and the city that i loved to see what has changed, how it feels. and i plan to go back to the aquarium, which was one of my favorite things in the entire city. this washington post article is both heartbreaking and heartwarming - while tens of thousands of fish and aquatic creatures died, the aquarium is being restocked and renewed. i am so happy to hear that the white alligator is still kickin but i am really sad to hear about the freshwater stingrays all dying. they're my favorite. click here.

eb told me all about this, and it is a comedy-nerd-writer's dream come true: the guys of LA-based comedy troupe the lonely island were all hired by snl (the ashton-lookin one is a performer and the other two less-camera-ready ones are writers) based on their videos, mp3s and passed-on pilots. they are responsible for the chronic-les of narnia song, and here is a link to a video to a song that sf kept singing all friday night, which features the lines "hey pretty girl, did you go to college/did you get a BA with all that knowledge . . . please let me show you my penis."

no one was hurt, other than public opinion's favor for letting old people drive. sorry, gramps, but taking out farmer's markets and grocery stores is a privilege, not a right. click here. thanks to ag for sending the link with the subject line "oldness."

this article is an introduction to and dissection of pitchfork. people really love that site.

ugly scott stapp, who apparently is a huge drunken fisticuffs-lovin tool who sucks so bad his own fans tried to sue him for the worst show ever, is engaged. i only point this out not because i care but because his ladyfriend is a beauty pageant winner who happens to run the scott stapp foundation, which focuses on strong families. unfortunately, the foundation doesn't have a website, which i hope is up and running soon, because not only do i want parenting tips from him, i want to see just how condescending the self-appointed-jesus-figure can be.


Anonymous said...

The best part about the old person story is the graphic that accompanies it. Nice product placement, Sarah Lee. You must be proud. "Sarah Lee, proud sponsor of people who shouldn't be driving."
xoxox ag

SarahP said...

So, I started off feeling bad for the ppl who got screwed in the "Scott Stapp was messed up and couldn't sing situation" since they not only got screwed by him, but also by Ticketmonster. Then I thought about it more and realized: these people are Creed fans. They like the band. Enough to pay money to see them in concert. So, yeah. Kind of brought a bad evening on themselves, regardless. Still hilarious that they're suing them, though.