Sunday, January 22, 2006

"and now i'm in this dark ass closet/tryin' to figure out/just how i'm gonna get/my crazy ass up out this house"

tb found a blog with piles of ali g and borat clips. respeck!

tb also sent me this video (about 15 mins long i think) called farm sluts that stars chris parnell as a guy who is basically better off dead. sort of.

ag has become deeply obsessed with r kelley's "trapped in the closet" hip-hopera, and was more than thrilled when south park aired its "tom cruise is trapped in the closet" episode. you can watch a succinct recap of that here or the entire episode here. i read that it wont be shown in the uk and that tom is, of course, going to sue. i think wikipedia is trying to take over the entire world, because this episode has its own page already.

i saw match point today. i know that it was excellent because i was totally nervous and anxious for a solid 45 mins.

kwittens! totally jean teasdale - you can vote for which cat is cuter at kitten war. kinda reminds me of cat town.

click here for unintentionally sexual comic book covers. there are too few on the page, in my opinion.

i got an email from jf asking if i wanted to have a dramamine party this weekend, citing this article about how totally fucked up you can get on it. which totally reminds me that i had heard the urban legend that if you slip visine into someone's drink, they will have a total colon blow, so i looked on snopes and apparently it can kill you. so, please keep this in mind the next time you're up to shenanigans and tomfoolery.

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Anonymous said...

you are a NERD!!!

but i guess i still like you.