Tuesday, January 31, 2006

berate of the union address

tc and i are drinking beer and eating grapes while we watch the state of the union. i want to avoid blogging in real time - i'll leave that to political nerd bloggers.

tc is swearing at the screen. it hasn't even begun yet - they're just panning the smarmy crowd and giving shout-outs to the supremely lame court. they just said that cindy sheehan was the invited guest of a california democratic rep but that she was arrested on the capitol grounds. that story's gonna be an interesting one when details emerge.

so, it's veganism week. it's not a huge deal, from my perspective. i would like to be able to eat some animal byproducts, but it's not impossible to avoid them. i have discovered that soy milk is really super good with rice krispies, and trader joe's makes excellent vegan burritos. i have been eating a lot of trail mix for someone who doesn't like hiking or camping. amstel light is vegan, and for that, i am thankful.

i saw this website a while ago, and i was thrilled when ab forwarded it to me, because i had forgotten about it, and i'm starting to think that i am obsessed with meth. i think that all of these before-and-after photos are from one county. damn.

why is frida kahlo sitting next to laura bush and wearing a burka? (joke. sorry. what, they don't have tweezers where she's from? that IS oppressive).

jms alerted me to the fact that the matador records website has downloads, including off of the new cat power, pretty girls make graves, and belle & sebastian. rawk.

i just got tickets this weekend to see jenny lewis & the watson twins at park west in march. here is her album's myspace page, and here is her imdb page - she was in troop beverly hills, a really shitty shelley long movie, when she was a kid. she also guest-starred on "the golden girls," "mr belvedere," and "growing pains" (as, apparently, ben seever's first kiss). GOD she really actually is the coolest girl in the world. here is a new york times article that discusses her love of the tragic ladies of old-school country.

tc just called bush a "douche rocket." i love creative swearing.

harper lee is cool, and made her yearly public appearance, sorta like punxsutawney phil. this article says that she "lives with her 94-year-old sister, Alice, a lawyer who still practices, and keeps an apartment in New York" - i bet they are total partiers. i want harper, jd salinger and
thomas pynchon to do a book tour.

i think that fucker is trying to talk around the gay marriage issue. fuck you!!!!

i love in-n-out burgers! my ex bf worked in sen feinstein's office back in that very weird time period known as the fall of 2001, and he had to go back to her la office when anthrax hit the hill. i had to go to la for work, and we had an awesome time staying in manhattan beach, drinking wine, and going on an in-and-out run in his jeep at 2 am. i can't go to california without needing to stop and at least get a strawberry shake with the bible verse on the the bottom of the cup.

i have been aware of fred phelps since i was in high school and i rate him higher than oj simpson in people that i fucking hate, and i REALLY hate oj simpson. phelps and his followers are insane and hateful - their new attention-seeking ploy is to protest dead soldiers' funerals, pointing to the brilliant logic that god is displeased that america has gay people . . . yeah, i don't get it either. they are masters of tactlessness: "Though the soldiers were not gay, the protesters say the deaths, as well as Hurricane Katrina, recent mining disasters and other tragedies are God's signs of displeasure. They also protested at the memorial service for the 12 West Virginia miners who died in the Sago Mine." GOD. fuck off already!!! i'm glad my state is stepping up and trying to put together a law deciding that protesting a funeral is just a really shitty thing to do, so fucking go home already. i hope that this is the law's literal name, known at PAFIJARSTTDSFGHA. dear fred: nothing screams "self-hating queer" more than someone with the amount of passion - deep-seeded, sweaty, urgent passion - for constantly talking about homosexuality.

emily's reasons why not to watch: abc pulled the plug on that heather graham show after it aired a grand total of one episode. poor rollergirl. it must have REALLY sucked. there are bus stops all over the city that still have ads for it.

the state of the union is over. tc keeps babbling about the administration and strumming her guitar. i think she's writing a song. by the sounds of it, it will be called "stupid fucking douchebag."

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