Sunday, January 29, 2006

from bad music to bad food

the end of my listening-to-my-friends'-worst-cds week is, mercifully, over. i listened to eb's copy of moxy fruvous' album bargainville yesterday. i don't even want to get into how annoying it was. barenaked-ladies-esque (they're lame, too) acoustic guitar quasi-humorous jammy band with dated songs about the gulf war (the former bush's one), girlfriends who read smart books, video games . . . whatever whatever. boring and grating. honestly, i didn't even bother with this project on friday. i think a day off was in order. six peice-of-shit discs was enough for the week. as a balm of sorts i went and saw feist at park west on friday night - gorgeous voice, fun rock songs, pretty ballads that aren't boring. she reminded me of a canadian parker posey with bangs. i want to see her tour with broken social scene sometime, but the solo show was great.

a new week, a new theme. it's vegan week. err, vegan eating - i'm not going to toss out my leather handbags and shoes, and i'm going to use my store-bought soap and makeup and hair products that may or may not contain animal byproducts. in some ways, avoiding those would be easier than not eating meat, cheese, butter, milk, eggs or honey. even not-so-obvious things - pasta, bread, chips, sweets - contain animal byproducts. lr took me to trader joe's yesterday and i spent $123.57 on food that i can eat this week. trader joe's has a strange culture to it, especially when people overhear you speaking about your search for vegan food. one woman flipped out when she saw me reading the ingredients of a container of gazpacho soup ("oh my god!!! it's the best!!! only 90 calories!!! i eat it for lunch!!! there are only two left!!! you take one!!! i'll take the other!!!") and lr asked a girl that worked there about vegan bread, and she was like "you're trying to be vegan? AWESOME. okay, let's find you some vegan bread! is honey in or out?" honey is, apparently, a controversial ingredient in vegan circles. while the bees basically just shit it out, and making honey is just kind of what they do, and insects are, by and large, less important and cute than mammals, i guess forcing them to keep honeycombs is, umm, slavery . . . ? regardless, i'm going hardcore, so honey is out.

i spent the night in hyde park at lr's last night, and she made me breakfast this morning. she had this sunflower seed bread that is very dense and dark and dry but, more importantly, is vegan. we toasted it and put some raspberry jam on it and i had two bites and . . . no. nonono. i can't choke down cardboard. so lr asked me if i wanted a banana. i asked how old they were, and since she had just purchased them, and still had some green on them, nope. she asked if i wanted an apple. i asked what color it was. i can't eat red apples with mushy and mealy textures. she started laughing and was like "you're going to have a really shitty week."

breakfast: a green apple, trail mix, earl gray tea with coffeemate (i was so happy to hear that it's non-dairy).
lunch: this weird wrap i got in the prepared-food aisle with hummus that wasn't very evenly spread - it was good when i could taste the hummus, but otherwise it tasted like cabbage wrapped in paper; trail mix; and some dark chocolate (no milk - goody. too bad i'm not a huge dark chocolate fan. guess i am now).
dinner: tofu hotdogs that definitely benefitted from lots of ketchup and mustard (they had a weird smoky flavor), some actually really good hotdog buns (vegan bread doesn't have to be disgusting), more trail mix and dark chocolate, and a glass of soy milk. i think i will put the soy milk IN things from now on. that glass was hard to get down.

what have i done?

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