Wednesday, January 11, 2006

happy hump day.

holy shiz! i'm watching law and order: svu while i think about how much effort it might require to make dinner and amy sedaris is guest-starring. she is playing the sister of a golden-shower aficionado/toilet cam perv. did david ever write about that?

am loves me because she sent me two links. one needs no explanation as to why this is totally rad, and she let me know that if i'm interested, this guy is all about feet and writing really sad please-find-me-dream-lover websites. his music is pretty.

so i'm not ashamed to admit my love for former ohio senator james traficant. he's batshit crazy and incarcerated, but he has brought many hours of humor and joy to my life. join the movement to free him! he has blossomed into quite the artiste in prison - "horse with lady rider" offers brushstrokes of sophistication formerly unbeknownst to modern art. and when i stare into the eyes of the haunting "colorful horse," i feel as if i have been reborn. i can't believe that his paintings are sold out. I MUST HAVE ONE. in case you are unfamiliar with senator traficant, here is his bio on the website: "James A. Traficant, Jr. (Jim or Jimbo) was railroaded into a Federal Prison on trumped up charges after a successful run of 9 terms in the US Congress, as a former Sheriff, former football star and breeder of Champion Saddlebred horses for 30 years duration." he has promised that, upon regaining his freedom, "I will grab a sword like Maximus Meridius Demidius and as a Gladiator I will stab people in the crotch." read more about him here - you're gonna have a new favorite person, i promise. mad love to mob for sending me his art site.

super goddamned crazy: a one-eyed, noseless kitten. he died and his owner has him in her freezer. his name was cy (cleva!). be prepared and click here to have a look; you can click on the photo to enlarge it, which i'm not sure i recommend. ab sent me the link and, from her comments, i don't think she likes cats in general or this one in particular.

tb sent this animated clip to me (no sound). he looks like a violent sof boy with a little bit of salad fingers thrown in. funny. creepy.

WTF, chicago? i loved you for allowing lollapalooza to take over grant park for a weekend. and it was such a success i hear it will be back. so you fucking turn down radiohead at millenium park? WHY? spin's got the info and points out that chicago city officials are liars and fools. by the way, the pavilion in the park is GORGEOUS and that would have been the best freaking show.

email from rm: "Are they serious? Truthiness? I must say, whale tail should've won." click here. did colbert really coin it?

and everyone is all abuzz about how writers are liars. jt leroy is a mere invention and oprah is pissed at james frey. random house is offering refunds for his mega-bestseller, which isn't really a memoir after all. read this parody of the truthiness of these two best-selling and respected writers - it's funny, and it's by one of jon stewart's boys.

ps i almost hyperventilated at work today because a co-worker was crackberrying that he was 90 percent sure he was sitting near anderson cooper at a press event in new york today. so jealous.

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