Sunday, January 22, 2006

i can finally swear at you again.

my "no-swearing week" has come to an end. not exactly a success - i swore to friends verbally and/or over email at least once a day, and then i'd be like "GOD - i did it again!" i will say that being *aware* of a problem is a good step towards fixing it. i was pleased and surprised when, at happy hour thursday, i dropped my gorgeous marc jacobs bag on the floor under the table and said "criminey!" rather than swearing. i don't think i had ever before said "criminey" in my entire life.

so here are some clips and snips for you to ponder and enjoy.

ag found a rant against a hormel chili commercial on craig's list.

ecf wanted to know if i had an entry on this web directory of prostitutes. it's like restaurant reviews and menus for whores. i like how the consumers consider themselves hobbyists. "well, i'm really into kayaking and model trains and hookers."

tb sent me a time-lapsed video of a drive from los angeles to new york with a camera mounted to the back of an old-school convertible. cool and pretty.

the washington post shut down their op-eds blog because too many of their readers were posting nastyass comments unbefitting a family newspaper. i wish i had a ton of crude comments on scissors happy. maybe i'm juvenile, but there's nothing like reading a string of anonymous statements that the person would never have said if they had to actually sign their name.

the onion's least-essential albums of 2005. i love bad reviews. these aren't even pointing out worst-of - these are so pointless that it's amazing anyone even released them, much less bought them. the review of american idol contestant jim verraros' album made me laugh. i have to say, he looks surprisingly hott - if i correctly recall, he was really awkward-looking and fugly when he was on the show (yeah, i watched a few episodes, sorry). great diss on institute, which i agree with.

i'm totally obsessed with meth (the way that it is destroying rural america, one tooth at a time) and this article focuses on how it is totally messing with the delivery of healthcare.

the week that the chicago smoking ban (phase one: sporting arenas, restaurants that don't have a bar, public buildings, within 15 feet of public buildings; bars will have to follow suit in 2008) comes to town, so does an upscale smoking lounge that the new york times featured. i knew about the marshall mcgearty tobacco lounge because i am somehow on the rj reynolds mailing list and i have received a few very arty postcards and advertisements for it. i know that they're winning because i want to check it out. read here.

more later. i'm a'gonna go see match point today.

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