Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i don't really have a headline today.

ag's brother is getting married next month and is a bridesmaid. she got an email from one of the bride's friends, saying that it would be really fun to put together a manual of sex tricks and tips as a bachelorette party gift. ag is sitting this one out. ewww! that's her brother!

she sent this link along from the onion that's really freaking funny if you've ever seen equus. and even if you haven't, i guess. cuz, like, i've seen it. in CANADA. jealous?

kk reminds me why she's in law school at yale with these sobering statistics about how us ladies get the shaft, and not in a good way.

jk alerted me to this website that rates and features urinals from around the world. he made special mention to check out numbers 3, 6 and 7 in the top 10. despite the above link about gender disparities, i'm glad that i'm a lady so that i get a stall. i'm happy that wisco is representing with the fancy kohler pisser in sheboygan.

ag sent this video with the note "SCARY!!! how do you REALLY feel, north korea?" um. right. they have nuclear weapons, don't they? yeah. uh. hmm.

equally terrifying: kevin federline spins his single "PopoZao." wtf does THAT mean? dude is fugly. jc sent this article where people who actually know about music weigh in on the song's merits (and lack thereof).

oh good. radioactive waste in chicago's water supply. hahahahah! awesome. i'm glad i use that water to shower, brush my teeth, cook, and put in my brita (which i doubt works radioactive-waste well). also, if you're in the mood for a good barf, be sure to click on the ad on the right - conservative novelty t-shirts. i didn't know that conservatives could read.

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