Tuesday, January 24, 2006

it gets worse as the week wears on.

just got back from tulsa. it was a quick trip and not worth noting whatsoever.

scissors happy got a really weird shout-out - an article about elderly bloggers that mentions that some old people are really put off by all of the swearing out there (swearing. and robots). the article mentioned that "there is at least one blogger aware of language issues" and provides a link to a post about me trying to (unsuccessfully) stop swearing for a week. for the record, i am not elderly, and i have no idea how this article found me. fuck you! just kidding. read here.

so i was in the tulsa doubletree, eating the free cookie they give you when you check in, doing some sudoku (NERD) and listening to tuesday's worst-cd-that-a-friend-owns. i brought my discman so i wouldn't have to burn the crap cds to my laptop and upload onto my ipod (which is acting up again. my third ipod in a bit over a year. nice). i had forgotten all about my poor neglected discman. anyway, sf lent me the fudge tunnel album the complicated futility of ignornace. first of all, "fudge tunnel" is a terrible band name, even worse than "disappear fear."

here are some notes i scribbled into my sudoku book:

there is no single on this monotonous, droning sludge of an album.
song 7 - lyrics "i don't need an excuse to like myself"? no one else does.
railing against . . . something. Rage Against the Whatever.
song 10. 'circle of friends, circle of trends.' grow up.
song 12. oh good. 5 mins of silence before you start in again - about 3 mins of artless drumming end the album.

lame. lame. lame.

sf also threw in a single by the band 1927 for good measure. "that's when i think of you." i don't understand where he got this, or why it was ever released. it's like crash test dummies or . . . or . . . til tuesday, minus aimee mann, or . . . god, i don't know. bad rhyming lyrics, cheesy guitar solo. i think that when they wrote this they were like "oh my god, ANTHEMIC love song! best ever! this is going to be THE prom theme of 1988!!!!" apparently they are australian and won awards for this tripe. not surprising - men at work are aussies.

i am sad that sf didn't totally pull through for me. i know for a fact that he owns multiple gg allin cds, as well as a david koresh self-produced jesus rock and sermon album. those would have been sooo much better (worse). fun fact: gg allin's real, full name is "jesus christ allin." i wonder why he was so fucked up?

as i type this i am listening to my roommate's contribution to this week's project. it is america's greatest hits. it is terrible. "muskrat love" is vomit-inducing. soft rock from the 70s, which is dangerous territory to tread. i guess this is supposed to be folk guitar singer-songwriter rock. i do not approve. in some ways, this is worse than fudge tunnel. probably because it's so earnest. "earnest" makes me nervous - i'm far too cynical and sarcastic. this makes me uncomfortable. "this is for all the lonely people." you're lonely because you like crap music.

"sister golden hair surprise." shut up.


Anonymous said...

well, i tried to make it sunday . . . but i got so damned depressed that i set my sights on Monday, and i got myself undressed.



SarahP said...

Dude, Men at Work rock! I don't know what your problem is. And Colin Hay's solo stuff is good too.


Anonymous said...

"fudge tunnel" is soooooo gay.


Anonymous said...

I bought a piece of gg allin's petrified poo on ebay for $100.

Paul Chenoweth said...

I think it was that "criminey" reference in your January 24th post that blew your cover.

You did write, "i will say that being *aware* of a problem is a good step towards fixing it. i was pleased and surprised when, at happy hour thursday, i dropped my gorgeous marc jacobs bag on the floor under the table and said "criminey!" rather than swearing."

And any presumption that you might be a 'seniors' was unitentional...(mea culpa)