Tuesday, January 17, 2006

rick springfield's gender confusion, etc.

jk forwarded me a mcsweeney's list (love those). remember how you wish that you had jesse's girl? here's where to find her - still interested? as a total sidebar, i used to think (when i was like 7 or whatever) that rick springfield was singing "i wish that i was jesse's girl."

awesome new cat power song in the cingular wireless commercial. hmmm. i don't know how i feel about that. watching that love monkey show (premier. prolly the only one i'll ever watch, at the rate it's going). could jason priestly look any more baggy-eyed and puffy? barf. i think this show is supposed to seem edgy and cool and very high fidelity, but everyone looks 42 and too scrubbed. oh. the main character (who is an a&r rep) just dissed hanson. too bad it's no-swearing week, because i could discuss how i feel about that. oh, his boss discovered hanson, and now he's fired. god, i am blogging a cbs show as it occurs. someone smother me in my sleep tonight.

the new york times did a feature on this very unique man who poses dead in his house and posts the photos. apparently everyone is hitting his website because the server is freaking out - click on the opening page and i hope you can see some of his pictures. um. we all have hobbies.


some late night show slowed down a televised bush speech. the result: what someone looks and sounds like when they are on a bender and having the most brilliant (to them) ideas, and wont shut up. it's like listening to my sister when we're drunk in the basement at our parents' house at christmas. watch here. thanks for the link, jms.

i keep hearing about how i am going to go deaf (get it? hearing. yeah.) because i listen to my ipod too often and too loud. i have even started believing it. i have noticed that when i'm at a bar or watching surround-sound tv over at a friend's house, i have a really hard time listening to whoever is talking to me. everything is the same volume. either that or i am so riddled with a.d.d. that i am a terrible listener. this article goes with me being the latter. which i prefer. sorry, friends.

why are you all up in my grill, yo? you're just jealous of how fine my iced teeth are. the wapo knows.

urban outfitters blows and they steal real artists' work. johnny cupcakes' shirts are too cute. like, really, cute, but TOO.

i think i'm turning japanese i think i'm turning japanese i really think so. this article is actually really sad - kids are going into their rooms and staying there. for years. doing exactly what i do when i call in sick: loll in bed, listen to music, feel worthless. i think american shut-ins require at least half a dozen cats before they qualify. or kwittens, as ag would say.

i didn't swear very much today. like maybe five times, in casual conversation. getting better. maybe i will break myself like i'm a skittish colt.

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