Sunday, January 29, 2006

some videos to watch, and one not to

people have been sending me some amazing links lately.

ag forwarded this awesome video of a very frustrated winnebago salesman trying to film a promo. his frustration is hilarious and scary. if you're at work you're gonna need headphones for this one. if i ever have an existential crisis (the next time i have one) i hope it is in a motor home and i hope there is a video camera.

she also told me about tattoo from fantasy island's music video. it was filmed in the 80s, probably, since he ate a bullet in 93. his wikipedia page is totally bizarre. did you know that he was raised in paris but his father encouraged him to leave because of france's rampant prejudice against dwarves? wh-wh-what? for real? also, he insisted on being called a midget and not a little person. fight the power, herve.

all of my friends have been reading and loving this website. whoever wrote this is a fucking genius. chuck norris facts. totally inappropriate laughter coming out of my cubicle.

am sent me the weirdest getting-ready-for-my-bat-mitzvah website i've ever seen (the only one i've ever seen), complete with a music video of jessie, said bat-mitzvah candidate, lip synching to gwen stefani's "rich girl." apparently jessie's dad is some sort of party promoter/dj and does cliched crap like this for a living. as am says, "I’m not sure if it’s the braces, the bad hair, the off-key flat singing, blasphemous concept, uncomfortable dance moves, Jamie’s rap, the all-cuter-than-her friends or just the general sense of middle school awkwardness that makes me love this video, but I just can’t get enough." i can.

of course the most disturbing video i have seen in a long time is compliments of trent. you're not going to want to watch this if you don't want to see cats and dogs being tortured and killed (and if you do, get the fuck off of my blog). it's a peta psa that never aired about the fur trade in china. two points: it's ironic that the commercial you have to watch before the psa is for jello (horse hooves - can't eat it this week, don't ever want to eat it anyway), and it's odd to see the website refer to trent as the "nine inch nails cutie." i mean, he is ugly-hot (short, but ugly-hot), but "cutie" is not a word that he would want to be associated with. that ball-gag he wears in the "closer" video is adorable, though. click here for popbytes - the link to the video is on the page, but you're going to want to just minimize the box and listen to him talk. i have really bad images seared into my brain now.

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