Sunday, January 22, 2006

the worst cds my friends own week. let the suffering begin!

Q: what's worse than mid-90s politically-minded lesbo acoustic indigo-girls-rip-off rock?
A: when said band does a reggae song.
A: and then the next song on the album is rockabilly.

it's a new week, so it's time to do something different. i have decided that this is the week that i borrow my friends' worst cds and then listen to one of them every day. if i had to choose my own worst cd, it would probably be switchblade symphony's serpentine gallery. ag bought it for my birthday . . . i bet that was the year i turned 21. i saw them open for christian death in chicago when my boyfriend and i got all gothed up and went down to the city for the show. an embarrassing memory (i will not be posting photos, but i think that i looked kinda cute, despite how lame that was) and embarrassingly bad music.

so today's worst album is from eb's collection. it's the self-titled debut from a duo called disappear fear. terrible name. terrible cd. janis ian and the indigo girls make guest appearances. apparently the two girls are sisters and not just lesbians (like tegan and sara, but not twins?). it came out in 1994 and it bashes bush and his war (the other one, but history is always repeating), has lots of bland love songs, lots of messages, and lots of really bad lyrics.

from "fix my life"

you said it was a fine day for a funeral/but i couldn't see through/your cool black case of h.i.v./attacking our entire society/condoms become a way of life/without it, man/your dick's a knife/i said it, i said it/believe it, i mean it"

i believe you. and i believe that this is the worst album that eb owns, because i don't know how much more grating an acoustic guitar could possibly be.

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