Monday, February 20, 2006

"after a while, your possessions start to own you" - tyler durden

i have been selling a lot of cds on amazon lately. it's super easy to do - jms even made selling used books and cds online a lucrative full-time job, and he is my inspiration. i go through everything-must-go moods, where i decide to mine my expansive cd, video and book collections and purge the excess - and there is always excess. now that i am in the habit of burning all of my cds to my harddrive, making a back-up, and only listening to my ipod, i don't really see the necessity of having two overloaded cd towers. how often do you flip through cd liner notes? so i am doing yet another get-out-of-my-house campaign, and in the past two weeks i have made almost $500 selling about 75 cds. not bad.

it's interesting to think of the people that you're mailing your possessions to. someone told me that some guy sold everything in his apartment - like, EVERYTHING, including boxes of cereal and old dust rags - on ebay, recorded where he sent everything, and then traveled to the buyers' houses to see why they purchased used socks and the like. sadly, i have yet to hear about the book or movie that was supposed to come out of this story. amazon requires sellers to print out packing slips for the used things that you sell, and i have saved word document copies of all of them (why, i do not know). it's a good reminder as to what it is that i have actually sold, but it's also interesting to see who buys your stuff and where it goes to. sometimes it's kinda funny.

like how a woman with the last name "dyke" bought my rufus wainwright cd (he's super gay, in case you didn't know). a woman that lives on "lovers lane" in madison, ct, bought my edith piaf cd. a woman on "church of god road" in spruce pine, nc, purchased outkast's speakerboxx/the love below.

i sold the best of morrissey to another kristine b, and she actually emailed me and told me how awesome it is to hear all of the songs that she used to dance to in clubs. a woman in lexington bought the first kings of leon cd from me, and i felt right about sending it to kentucky. a kid at harvard bought the best of the jam - which is the perfect age to get into them. the chicago public library (or a woman that works at the uptown branch, and had it delivered there) bought a pavement cd from me. i ought to borrow it sometime.

sometimes it would be faster to just hand-deliver the cds to the people that order them - this week i got two orders to be mailed less than three miles from my apartment, and the girl that ordered the killers cd from me works half a mile away from my office.

i like seeing people's names in general - some of them are just awful (like larry crum). ella dick now owns the new liz phair cd. braden bought horace andy, brandyn bought the brain candy soundtrack, and jehoshua bought nick cave. i don't know why this strikes me as being so random, but muhammad bought dido.

my first gay boyfriend called me "amazon" in high school, btw.

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