Wednesday, February 08, 2006

god, i wish i had a doll-turned-boy of my very own

my third soap was passions.


it has probably the worst theme song i have ever heard before. theme songs are important.

remember what i said yesterday about how people deliver monologues as if it was a normal way to think through their situation? it apparently also works if you speak directly to someone's photo.

no one on soaps seem to do anything other than talk, scheme, make out, or get hurt (physically and/or mentally). i guess they don't have jobs - and if they do, they are simply talking, scheming, making out, or getting hurt while on the job.

i had heard that passions was sort of funny because they had a lot of stupid story lines like witchcraft and "timmy." (from wikipedia: And let’s not forget 300 year-old witch Tabitha Lenox! For years, Tabitha wreaked havoc in Harmony along with her reluctant sidekick, doll-turned-boy Timmy. Tabitha was heartbroken when her beloved Timmy passed away, but is now causing just as much mischief and mayhem with the help of her daughter, Endora! Endora is a chip off the old block, having inherited her mother’s powers). i was waiting. nothing even remotely entertaining. i'm ready to admit that i am totally obsessed with wikipedia - here is its passions page.

in the very last scene, someone drove a car into the diner where fancy (great name) and noah were talking. wow. what a cliffhanger. i don't give a shit about any of these people. and i don't think i give a shit about soaps.

ps: timmy really is dead.

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