Monday, February 20, 2006

granny boob jokes are the best-ever.

had dinner with my grandma and some relatives last night. her birthday is a day after mine (she's turning 84 on feb 27 - i'll be a few years younger on the 26th). my jackass uncle got her this shirt - "old, but still swingin" with tassles sewn onto the the droops. reminds me of the shirt my excellent friend jh found in the hamptons house over new years that i stole as a fond memento. fyi, i have washed that shirt three times and it still has a faint musty smell to it.

i scribbled out our heads because i don't really want this blog to be about me per se - and i certainly don't want to post photos of myself on here. because all of my friends that read this already know what i look like, and i don't want anyone from work to know anything about my personal life, and all of the strangers that read this won't be able to handle how insanely hott i am. i keed.

i actually took a really bizarre and fleeting pleasure in erasing our heads from the photos. i felt like i was in a scene from a schlocky horror movie, where to prove how psycho i am, you see me scratch my face out of photos and punch a mirror.

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