Tuesday, February 14, 2006

guess what this week is?

friends kept asking me when i was going to treat myself to a week of something that i might actually enjoy in my Week of Something Different. so here i am, on day three, and it's drunkard week. i'm getting drunk this week. that's it. maybe not *different* as exciting and new, but i haven't drank for seven nights in a row since the bender of spring 2003 (that was, i believe, 12 nights in a row), so i was due for a new one, and the middle of february is a fine time. i'm drunk right now. yes, i can still legibly and coherently write, so i guess i'm not really drunk enough, but i have a busy day at work tomorrow, so it's a five-beer night - enough to be buzzed, enough to be charged with a dui (not that i own a car), enough to say yes, i do believe that i am drunk, but not so bad that i pass out with my face on the keyboard or unable to actually form sentences in english.

my week thus far:

sunday - saw munich with eb and sf. was terribly upset and depressed by it. finished off bottle of yellowtail cabernet sar-however you spell it that i opened on saturday. on the couch. by myself. intervention not yet needed, but could possibly be penciled in.

monday - dinner and drinks with friends that participate in the sbe project. light on the dinner, heavy on the drinks. the sbe project is named after a coworker and, every now and then, we make mix cds for one another (this month's theme was love songs, whatever you decide that term means) and get together to drink and eat and trade cds. yes, we are tragic nerds, but it's awesome. i now have seven new cds, suckas. i drank martinis at the restaurant and then proceeded to ramble on to tc about things like how the band w.a.s.p.'s name purportedly stands for "we are satan's people" and a whole bunch of other bullshit.

tuesday - two pilsners at tb's and then three miller lights at the supergrass show.

i fully expect to build this up. my body can do three nights in a row, no prob - but by friday it might be like "ummmm, we need to talk."


the syracusan said...

Oh Spring 2003, I remember you so fondly. Not crisply, but fondly.

Anonymous said...

This is the LAZIEST "Week of Something New" ever. I mean, basically, you're "living your life" for a week. What's different? What has changed? What about "learn to read" week or "employ moral standards" week or just plain old "have standards" week. What about "quit-being-a-crack-whore" week or . . . I could go on, but I won't. This isn't a "week of something new" this is simply "a week of you." XOXOXOX