Thursday, February 16, 2006

i drank myself into sobriety

i went out last night in full effect, prepared for yet another evening of my drunkard week. eight vodka cranberries later (uh, yeah, eight, and they weren't small glasses), i walked home from the bar with a bit of a buzz. it wasn't from lack of trying. tonight i drank like most of a bottle of wine (two-buck chuck is gooooood. err, the best two-dollar wine this side of boone's farm) and did laundry while watching zoolander. i am relaxed but not drunk. i am perturbed. this is drunkard week and i am merely just drinking. a lot. to little effect. could i have perhaps drank myself into a tolerance that is both expensive and irritating? my Year of Something Different sure is teaching me a lot. like that five nights of drinking in a row can wear my body into a complete indifference to being a drunk. this is a tragedy.

here are some things for you to perhaps enjoy as much as i did.

ab sent me info on a bollywood musical remake of fight club. watch the trailer and try not to break into song as you punch yourself in the face in a bar parking lot. this fulfills my hott-indian-man fetish but kinda looks sucky anyway.

the yale daily news explains global conflict and international relations for those of us whose attention spans tend to wander toward the trite: through the example of the o.c. sp emailed it to me with the subject line "yale, this almost makes up for dubya."

dan savage wrote a fantastic ny times op-ed about the ex-gay movement. and he's still claiming that he hasn't seen brokeback mountain yet. he's probably too busy debating whether audio-recording the men's bathroom in a neighboring restaurant is ethical for married women to do (which was a recent savage love column. dude, whenever i worry about myself, all i have to do is read savage love or craig's list and i suddenly feel completely, serenely sane).

speaking of craig's list, here's a post entitled "my ipod shuffle thinks i'm gay."

i heart graphic novels. yes. i must be drunk. i am admitting this.

this article was kool. apparently valentine's day is to private investigators as tax day is to h&r block.

and you should download this playlist of lerve songs.

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Anonymous said...

The "Bollywood" "Fight Club" is "Bollywood." But it's not really "BOLLYWOOD."