Monday, February 20, 2006

look at how talented i am.

i had several options for my new week in my Year of Something Different, but damn it's cold and damn i don't want to be too creative right now. so i am carrying my digital camera everywhere and taking photos when i feel like it (i'm not going to take photos of homeless people or covertly snap people unawares on the bus or anything - i'm not trying to be an artiste). at the end of the day i will decide what the theme of the day was.

sunday was Things That Are Old. i went to dinner with a bunch of family, including my great-aunt and grandma, and i took photos of them, and they're elderly. the place we went to eat is an old inn with weird antique junk, crappy rooms "as they were" (thank christ i am alive now), glass cases full of chicago tribune front pages from the 1800s and old receipts. i took a photo of a card for j. george trost, linguist, located at 129 ontario street in chicago. i'm not sure if it's supposed to be east or west, but regardless they're not too far from one another. 129 east ontario would now be where the grand lux restaurant is (and is kitty-corner from my office) and 129 west would just be down the street a few blocks and is now a parking lot. other photos include a wheelchair that i wouldn't have wanted (not that i want a wheelchair. i want a rascal) and a cool old drum kit.

today i took photos of my everyday mundane. like my computer at work and my bedroom and the pierogies i made for dinner. snore. whatevs. it's like 3 degrees outside. and tomorrow it's supposed to be 40. global warming totally doesn't exist. i took a photo of my little dressing table, where i keep all of my makeup and lotion and stuff, and i didn't realize how cluttery and gross it is until i looked at the photo. SEE - i am discovering myself through photography. ha.

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murphy said...

Oooohhhh... photoblog! How graphic-designy of you!!

I love that green make-up case you have by the way. The one with the bambi on it. I remember it from the skanky bathroom in Speonk.