Wednesday, February 08, 2006

marxist revolutionaries are sooo hott.

i stole the tv! click here for the latest on the strangers with candy movie. i got really into this show in 2001, living with em and hk. my buddy ne bought the complete series (pirated vhs recordings) off of ebay and i was watching it in the front room. they would walk in during particularly inappropriate moments and were finally like "WHAT IS THIS? this is totally messed up." they became converts, and that summer we absolutely could not stop imitating having an overbite and rolling our eyes away in an "oh, well"/i-am-ugly gesture. we would also randomly confess "i stole the tv!" jeri blank is awesome.

the commercialization of che: click here. i'm excited to see the benicio del toro biopic that they're currently filming. that photo was the "door" to the "swank" master bedroom in the nastyass house we rented in the hamptons for new years. i don't think that the beaded curtain really fit into the rest of the room's decor, which was jungle prints and african animals, but nothing in that house made any sense.

tb sent me this news clip with the email subject line "unreal." as his email said, "Teacher who used the 'N' word on a black student defends himself with a hilarious analysis of why it's appropriate to use 'Nigg-ahhhh!' Also, he brought signs." totally fucked up.

did you know that chicago used to be a total candy mecca? and now all we've got is one lone blommer's factory? i was riding my bike over a bridge downtown this summer (on my way to see my morning jacket play a street fest) and my tires were in a real need for more air, and the approach was up a hill and a real bitch to get through, but i was handsomly rewarded with an intense chocolate smell as i rode. it is the last scent you expect to find in the middle of a city. anyway, all candy operations are being moved overseas or, like the frango mints, to jersey. chicago doesn't even make wrigley's gum anymore. sadness. read here.

who's the bigger idiot in the jt leroy "scandal" (if you consider that - hiv-positive-west-virginia-child-hustlers who write "edgy" novels when it really turns out that it was all a big scam - a scandal): all of jt's fans and supporters and publishing industry backers, or the creepy woman who started the whole thing? her ex-bf is saying that she is basically delusional and obsessed with the writer that she invented. nice hobby. read here.

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murphy said...

I'm proud to say "I slept behind that Che."