Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the mozzer knew and other random facts and theories collected recently

i feel like i haven't done a news round-up/good links post in a while.

sp sent me this article and wanted to know if she was a bad person for thinking it was funny. basically, it posits that ugly people are more likely to be criminals. i guess that explains brian peppers.

tb sent me this youtube clip of bill hicks, which i thought was super funny (turn down the volume, it's nsfw). i didn't know anything about him and tb sent me his wikiquote page - good reading. (please note that wikipedia is taking over the cyberweb, and i don't mind). apparently people said that he ripped off denis leary's act, but he said, "I have a scoop for you. I stole his act. I camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, I did it before he did." he was kind of a misanthrope and die-hard libertarian, but also a firm believer in the possibility of a good world. he was a huge influence on the band tool (random), and super furry animals also wrote songs about him. and a little band called radiohead happened to have dedicated "the bends" to him. bill died on my 17th birthday. here's more on his wikipedia page.

jk (one of my friends named jk . . . fuck it, the one in milwaukee is now jk and the one in chicago is now jmk - after his excellent monogrammed dress shirts) sent me this page from the citizen guide about milwaukee that is awesome. i like milwaukee - i would even daresay that if i had to live in wisconsin i might even choose milwaukee over madison. but that's it - those would be my two choices. i like this line: "The Wisconsin State Fair comes to town every August. It’s generally your normal cream puff/carny shit, and should be avoided at all costs unless you want to check out some enormous pigs – both human and animal." there are citizen guides ("your guide for radical travel") written for many international and american cities - chicago's is great (even giving a shout out to hot doug's and rossi's, and calling the shedd aquarium the best place in the city to get high), and i hope that new ones pop up soon.

i saw junebug this weekend (i liked it) and looked up the mom on imdb, as she was so familiar, and saw that she was in the talented mr ripley. why am i telling you this? because, according to imdb, its full title is The Mysterious Yearning Secretive Sad Lonely Troubled Confused Loving Musical Gifted Intelligent Beautiful Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley.

this is fascinating - and totally depressing, when you consider that this man has spent untold years obsessing over this. apparently morrissey totally foresaw the death of princess diana, as revealed through his entire career's lyrics, artwork, and interviews. since no one seems to believe him, the author has decided that he will not reveal the remaining proof he has uncovered ("I've presented 20% of the evidence of the Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon. Knowing that the remaining 80% of the evidence is the same quality as that which has already been presented and ignored, I logically conclude that the world won't listen to it either"). but this was to be expected - as "It is a curious fact that the Smiths' album at the heart of the Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon, THE QUEEN IS DEAD, was immediately followed by a Smiths compilation titled THE WORLD WON'T LISTEN."

i love dlisted, i love dlisted's writer michael k, and i love that the seattle times interviewed him. click here.

here is a slideshow that a news station compiled of that cat in china that weighs 33 pounds. i love how the captions start out informational, start to stretch it by giving info on the obesity problems that cats face, and then finally give up around slide seven by just saying "keep clicking for more photos of the cat."

they should put all this shit on ebay. cuz i want to be able to buy eisenhower's gall stones. i still don't understand why they're shutting down walter reed hospital. i guess all of the money the government will save will be directly funnelled to the rebuilding of new orleans, right?

my favorite moment in one of my favorite movies is a total throwaway line, but an endearing one at that. guy at flea market looking at painted portrait in serial mom: "fuckin don knotts." girl: "he's the coolest!" he was the coolest. rip, don. and no, he was not on my dead pool list.

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SP said...

Are we sharing a brain or something? I was randomly looking at the IMDB page for Mr. Ripley yesterday too and was weirded out by the full title. I remember that being on the poster, but I thought it was more of a tagline thing. Weird.