Thursday, February 23, 2006

my past two days in photographic form

i sold more cds and spent a lot of time at the automatic shipping station at the post office (special guest photographer: tc).

i went to a bulls game because jc has the mad hook-up with comped $95-face-value tickets (special guest photographer of benny the bull balloon: jc). the game was sloppy, the bulls dynasty died years ago, and the lovabulls cheerleading squad is full of milfs that can't dance. otherwise, it was a good time.

i mocked jk's monogramed dress shirt. all of his dress shirts are monogramed. he's a good sport about it. unless it's an act.

i have my second bladder infection in three months. this is unfortunate for many reasons, not the least of which that the doctor i have seen both times is the son of a doctor that is on my job's board, who i see often and is a very nice man and whom i will have to work with directly for the next two years. his son is also really hott, and i don't like telling him about my piss.

i took photos of random trash on the street. i liked this pack of smokes.

the blurry street sign reads "today's chicago woman way." i love this sign. it's an honorary title to commemorate the fact that women can have jobs. DOWNTOWN, even. it's blurry because i am always in a mad rush to get to my office, trotting in my LA gears and pantyhose, my easy spirit pumps tucked into my canvas totebag, for i am one of today's chicago women.

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the syracusan said...

Oh my fucking god. Did you post a picture of your fucking urine? In a cup? On your fucking blog? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?