Monday, February 27, 2006

photography week ends and i realize that i am very fond of taking pictures of total messes.

here are the last award-winning photos to wrap up photography week. i will say that i enjoyed carrying my camera around with me, but found that i ended up taking a lot of photos of garbage and of messes. hmmm.

here is the remains of the cake box from the party that my floor threw for me at work.

here are photos from the bar saturday night. i had friends meet up at the rainbo club for drinks and good times. jc is new to the dive bar phenomenon; she is not a beer drinker and is used to clubs and lounges. she told me that she was trying to describe what a hipster dive bar is to her boyfriend and so she said that everyone wore glasses and fitted pants and looked like they were in a movie, which i thought was very funny.

those would be corn husks from the tamales i ate around 2 am stuffed inside of an empty cigarette pack. you know how the rose guys walk through dc bars with baskets of flowers and try to make you buy them for your date or whomever? (i once got a rose from a creepy russian guy at the pharmacy bar, btw). well, in some chicago bars, you'll get a guy walking through with a cooler full of baggies that contain six steaming-hot tamales. and you know what? they're really fucking good. i don't know what a health inspector would have to say about it, but i am convinced that i DIDN'T get sick saturday night because i ate some.

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