Sunday, February 05, 2006

a sad day for feminists, munsters

i watched the superbowl tonight. tc was raised around pittsburg and jc is from seattle. i was on jc's side just so she wouldn't feel so alone (everyone else there was a steelers fan), but it's not like i was emotionally connected. at all. it was the first time i actually paid attention - i think i get it, but i can't really force myself to care.

saw brokeback mountain again this weekend. i highly recommend that you click on this link and check out the brilliant trailer for brokeback to the future, which explores the romance between marty mcfly and doc brown.

when the new yorker's cartoons all have the same punchline. funny - click here.

mr t went to go see the fishers. click here. random.

western union sent the last telegram last week STOP - click here. i never received a telegram, and now i never will.

people who know pete doherty weigh in to the new york times on whether he is a waste of talent or just a waste.

the first paragraph of this washington post article is "Three decades after he stole nearly $1 million from the federal government, and eight years after he beat his mother to death, William Sibert stood on a train track in Laurel last week, facing the CSX freight train head-on as it barreled toward him." it's an interesting story - sad and kinda badass and crazy.

a wapo article on the politics of wikipedia. i love that site. i watched manhattan on saturday and then looked up woody, which led to looking at his son's page - he used to be named satchel but i don't think that he or his siblings are really all that interested in hanging out with him or their sister/step-mom, and they all changed their names, so satchel is now ronan farrow and he sounds like an amazing child genius. read here - keep in mind that he is 18 years old.

so betty friedan died. here is her obit, which is a good read. she was a tough old bitch. i got to go to the national women's conference in dc in november of 1997, and she was one of the featured speakers - she sat on a panel with her head propped up in her hand looking like she really could not have cared less. i remember her wearing a crazy frumpy housedress (but that might be a manufactured memory - see james frey et al) and she was totally unfriendly. i bothered her to sign my book because even feminist political girls need to have heroes, and she was like, yeah, sure, whatever, here, leave me alone. the best part of that conference was hanging out with bella abzug (randomness alert - she had a guest spot in manhattan, which i just watched). she was in a wheelchair and all fat and loud and wearing one of her trademark hats, and she had her assistant wheel her over to my table during dinner one night because she wanted to hang out with the youngins. she sat next to me and we chatted and she was hilarious, and she gave me her card and told me to come work for her in new york when i was done with college. a few months later i was watching her funeral on c-span. i still have her card.

also, grandpa munster died. this is gonna sound super mean, but with right white face makeup and slicked-back hair, betty and al coulda been twins.

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Sarah P said...

Most random line from the WAPO article on Wikipedia?

Kat Walsh of Herndon, a bassoonist and Wikipedia editor, said the site dissuades people from editing terms or profiles they feel personally invested in.

Maybe I just noticed b/c my sister played bassoon.