Tuesday, February 07, 2006

support the americorps, prank calls, and salad fingers.

there's a new salad fingers! click here for episode seven. despite the return of hubert cumberdale and the fact that salad fingers has a corpse torso over for beef stroganoff and ruby tea, i wasn't as creeped out by this one as i was by the first few i saw. salad fingers has total meth mouth.

this prank call made me crack up - someone kept playing jack nicholson's lines from a few good men to some woman who gets totally pissed at the colonel. you can't handle the truth!

jk (just to be clear, there are two jks i am friends with and refer to) and i were emailing about out of this world, as this is how we pass the day, and he told me that burt reynolds was the voice of evie's dad - the voice that came out of the spaceage candy dish. i totally didn't believe him, but it's true. what next - vicki the robot from small wonder is actually a human?

please go to this website and fill out a petition that requests that the federal government appropriates (a measly) $200 million to the americorps so that they don't close the NCCC (national civilian conservation corps) campuses. i did americorps*vista after college, my sister did americorps*nccc for a year during college, and i spent four years in dc working for americorps programs (9 months actually running the largest americorps*education awards program in the country). in my sister's year in the nccc, she worked at a denver food bank, built trails in rural texas, worked at an after-school program in detroit, and worked on a reservation in wyoming. the government fed her, gave her a uniform, and provided housing; she received a teeny tiny living stipend and a $5,000 voucher for her student loans. when i was a vista i made $600 a month, got food stamps and rent assistance, and only stayed in the program (because it was really shitty at times) because of the $5,000 voucher (good carrot). the americorps is a seriously amazing program. thousands of americans that want to serve their country through community service are truly sacrificing for the experience. i have heard all sorts of bullshit like "where i come from, volunteers get doughnuts and coffee, not cash," but that's total crap - the amount of assistance that americorps members receive is drastically less than warranting complaint, and i'd like to meet the average person who volunteers 50 hours a week for a solid year. also, independent studies have determined that corps members produce more monetary value for the work that they do than the government pays for their services. i'd like to see any other government program be able to claim that. if you're interested in reading more about corps, click here for the nascc (national association of service and conservation corps) website. that was my first post-americorps job, and i love that place.

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