Wednesday, March 01, 2006

even if EVERYTHING can't kick ass, i'll ensure that a couple things do at least.

wow, i feel like i have so much to say, but very little time to commit it to paper (cyberweb). so i will try. special shout-out to my brother tb, who is 32 today.

sunday started a new week in my Year of Something Different. since my birthday was sunday and i have lots of cool little random things going on this week, i decided that it is Everything Kicks Ass Week.

my birthday was pretty ass-kicking. i spent saturday amongst chicago friends at a great dive bar where i drank too much, ate tamales, and took advantage of the photo booth with tc and jc. tc took me to an indian brunch buffet sunday afternoon, then we went shopping in wicker park and got coffee and hung out. i was lackadaisical all evening - i talked to a bunch of people on the phone and was more than happy to just sit on my couch and watch flavor of love, but my roommate wanted to have this little quasi-romantic evening like we're dating or some shit. my roommate is a well-meaning person that i have nothing in common with, and has fully convinced me that i need to live alone (so i am moving this spring, which she knows). it started by her asking if i wanted to order sushi, which i did, and when i came back from picking it up, she had lit a bunch of candles, opened a bottle of wine, and set out a little plate of chocolates for me. it was sweet, but, again, we're not in love, so i don't know what that was all about. then she busted out her manicure kit and guilted me into painting my nails (clear - though she recommended pink). it was really weird. nice. but weird.

monday night i saw the yeah yeah yeahs at the logan square auditorium, a small venue with a floor that looks and smells like a high school gym. some guy who also backed the yyys during their set, the skeletor-wearing-a-fro-looking imaad wasif, played acoustic guitar, and then the ponys played. they were fine. all i really noted was the lead singer's highly ironic sweater (kinda cosby sweater, kinda elementary school teacher, knitted dolls with yarn hair attached as pins or some shit like that) and the fact that they finished with five solid minutes of ear-bleeding feedback and noise. as jf said, "sonic youth did that 15 years ago, and they did it better."

the yeah yeah yeahs kicked ass, though. karen o was wearing this sleeveless yellow and orange garbage bag that glowed in the dark, and she had very reflective pieces of gold plastic glued around her eyes, and the fingers of her right hand were painted black. it is easy to dismiss her as an art-school screamer, but she is totally riveting to watch, and she is completely joyful as she jumps around and screeches. (and i say "screeches" in the nicest way possible - she has a unique voice, one that perhaps takes time to grow on you, but it doesn't suck). she smiles a lot, which is funny, because you'd think that she'd be all dark and mysterious and serious. i loved their set - they only played four songs off of their debut ("black tongue," which is my favorite, "maps," which is everyone else's favorite, "man," and "date with the night") and everything else is off of their new album, show your bones, which comes out at the end of march. i'm a'gonna use the reckless records gift certificate that tb gave me for my birthday to snatch that up when it comes out.

i would like to now take the opportunity to proclaim that i am DONE with all-ages general-admission shows.


BionicChick3 said...

YYY will be back 4/15 at the Riv.

Also, when Coldplay was here and did that little secret show at the Metro, he did Maps. Can't listen to Coldplay everyday, but, I would love to hear his version in an intimate venue.

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