Monday, March 27, 2006

i actually really want the shirt that the cartoon version of me gets to wear.

i just saw a fairly-long jaguar commercial that featured spoon's "i turn my camera on," which is a super hott song. the commerical was all swank and high-luxe and had a hott richie couple being all posey and lifestyle. i love spoon. crass commercialism concerns me. don't know how i feel about this. also, iron & wine's "such great heights" is in a new m&ms commercial. i guess indie is the new money-generating angle. sorta like grunge in the 90s? the experience music project museum in seattle had an excellent (hilarious) display of 90s grunge-as-a-marketing-tool when i was there in 2001 - old kmart circulars with flannels and thermal undershirts for teenagers with cheesy text like "grungetastic!" and cheapass hair pomade that's all "get the grunge look!!!" call me stodgy and old, but i have and will continue to fucking hate having things that i genuinely identify with and appreciate becoming watered down and commercialized and co-opted to sell crap products (or, like a jag, products that i will never be able to afford, and wouldn't buy out of principle if i could).

what's this week? Get My Shit Together Week. it really sort of piggybacks off of Professionalism Week. i am engrossed in writing an operating plan at work (all of the planning of which i threw myself into during Professionalism Week - jk let me know how much he hated Professionalism Week, as i wasn't emailing much), and i am dedicating my free time to basically getting my shit together in general. at lunch i paid bills and budgeted (wait - who AM i?), tonight and yesterday i burned every cd that has been passed on to me in recent months to my laptop (i am so behind in actually enjoying all of the new stuff that i at one time decided that i really wanted, or one of my friends wanted me to hear), and tonight i sort of did my taxes (there's one part i'm not so sure about and need help with - some retirement plan credit deduction or some shit like that. i consider myself a fairly intelligent person and i still totally doubt the validity of my tax forms and how i filled them out. i pity the fool that doesn't speak english so well, or is basically kinda dumb, because all of those terms and rules and instructions are super not-explicit in what the fuck they're talking about). other plans for Getting My Shit Together include making doctors' appointments (i can't keep going to the immediate care center every time i want someone to give me antibiotics, and i am terrified that if i don't go to a dentist soon i'm going to have horrible toof issues that require caps and bridges and root canals and all sorts of other nastiness that i have never had to deal with), deciding what i am indeed going to sell/donate before i move, and just in general do myself a favor and get shit organized. i made chicken salad tonight so i don't have to buy lunch tomorrow. i rifled through a box of papers and threw some unnecessary bullshit away. i also injested a lot of caffeine today, so i kinda feel like i'm hopped up on meth, but i feel like i am making good roadways into finally getting around to taking care of shit that i have let slide for a while.

some links to distract you:

the onion pokes fun at indie rock (sort of, i guess): click here.

morgan spurlock from super size me pisses off a high school - this makes him look like a jackass. note: don't make fun of retards if they're in the audience. only do it when they're not around.

i might not have a cushy job as a washington post blogger, but i can assure you that i do not plagairize (clearly: i don't even think i spelled that right). all of this is, unfortunately, totally me. what i want to know is, why would you rip off someone else's review of final fantasy? it's like the former bush aide who got busted for stealing lamp shades from target and then returning them for cash: if you're going to ruin your credibility and career, aim high.

the wapo (can't. stop. linking. to. them.) does a little review/feature on the new richard ashcroft album. not a rave, which he never gets (the lyrics can be a bit dense), but good enough. i'll be buying his new album, probably more out of habit than anything else. i love richard. "bittersweet symphony" is, hands down, my absolute favorite song in this entire world.
another wapo shout-out: this one's a show review for jenny lewis and the watson twins in virginia. sounds pretty much like the show i saw. i wish rabbit fur coat was longer; i have pretty much tapped myself out on listening to it, which says more about how good it is than anything about me.

jk sent this to me - an online quiz where you decide whether the photo is of a serial killer or a computer programmer. i got 7 out of 10 right, but probably because of living with rb for two years. she's obsessed with serial killers and bill kurtis, and a normal weeknight for us would be to watch a&e specials on stockholm syndrome or cannibals. totally unrelated: i LOVE the muse song "stockholm syndrome." it sounds like jeff buckley fronting bends-era radiohead. also, the bill kurtis cameo on the sopranos sunday night was a nice touch. also, i haven't decided yet if i like big love. it's no six feet under, but then again, nothing is.

hey hey hey: tb sent me this stupid/funny video on gayrobot's myspace page. best use of radiohead as falling-in-love music ever.

kh sent me this link to create my own south park character. i've done this before and i must say that the resemblance is pretty remarkable. i've been using it as a substitute photo of myself for years. speaking of which, they're putting together a new "directory" (face book) at work - i wonder if i can just submit my south park character so i don't have to endure the agony of the suckiness of our upcoming photo day and the inevitably horrible portrait. it's like photo day at school - waiting in line at your designated window of time, the umbrella lights, the unnatural smile you force - but without the free plastic comb.


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