Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i came back from vacation and now i have a dog

my New Music Week has ended and was good. i had lots of time on planes and on the beach to hear all sorts of albums that friends have passed on to me in recent months that i never got around to. my new-themed week actually doesn't start until this evening, when i start looking after an eight-pound doggy with moppy muppety white hair and an underbite. it's I Have A Dog Week. it's really js's dog - she and tb are down in austin for sxsw (luckeeeee!). i wasn't raised with a pet dog; tb got a german shepherd in college and had to give her to our parents, which they were very unhappy with, when he moved to chicago. it took them like three minutes to totally fall in love with palooka, and she still lives with them, old and fat and happy. it will be interesting to see what having a dog is really like, responsibility-wise. palooka is totally brilliant and knows how to open the door to let herself out, and since my parents live in a rural wooded subdivision, walking her doesn't require a leash or dodging traffic, so this will be an experience for me.

i will be staying at tb's until next monday, which is rad, as i am going to be taking his apartment this summer when he moves in with js, and i get to explore my new neighborhood and figure out the particular quirks that all old apartments come with. plus he left me beer and pizza, and he has a kick-ass stereo and a foozeball table, and he allows his friends to draw on the dining room wall with red sharpies, so i'm going to have every 12-year-old boy's dream week.

puerto rico was great. i got to hang out with a lot of great friends, went to the rainforest, ate plantains, sat in the sun (i don't really tan so much as i turn an attractive purple shade), went to the puerto rico vs dominican republic world baseball classic game (ecf knows someone that knows someone, so we were in the fourth row at the second-base line, two rows behing tommy lasorda). and now i am back . . . in chicago . . . where it is cold and gray . . . just like the tears streaming down my purple cheeks . . .

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