Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i want a dog (when i grow up)

js and tb are back from sxsw, which means that I Have A Dog week is over. i'll miss the little guy, but i won't miss waking up early, getting dressed, going down four flights of stairs, walking him, picking up his shit with a plastic bag, convincing him to come back inside, getting ready, and leaving him alone in the apartment while he cries and whines because he hates being left alone for 10 hours. and then getting up at like 7:45 on a sunday morning to walk him . . . yeah. he's super cute, but requires, like, attention and care. god help me if i ever decide to have kids.

i saw dave chappelle's block party sunday (really funny and a great concert movie) but half of the time i was like "god, i hope marley didn't find a random capri sun straw wrapper and is currently choking to death on it."

my fears were not totally irrational - when i got home from work friday i took one look at him and was like "what's all that shit on your face?" he suddenly had a black beard. then i found the remains of the pen. see photos. he's really fucking cute.

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SP said...

yeah, I hear you on the care required for a dog. I'm not really a pet person, like, at ALL, but I have a cousin who lives in Clarendon and pays me to dogsit when he goes out of town, so I do. And let me tell you, I hate the fact that I have to get up a half hour earlier and can't just fall into bed at the end of the night, but have to go outside and walk her when I'm tired and cold. At least you don't have to walk kids...