Tuesday, March 14, 2006

jenny lewis and the watson twins, 3/14/06

saw jenny lewis and the watson twins at park west tonight. it was only an hour long. i have been to plenty of shows that i would have gladly left after an hour, if not 20 minutes. this was really great, though, so i was sad that it was so short. when your album is only 38 minutes, though, i guess it's hard to do an hour-and-a-half set. they played the entire album except for the traveling wilburys cover she does with conor oberst and ben gibbard on rabbit fur coat, and then played probably four songs that were new. i would have been perfectly content to hear her bust out some rilo kiley songs, but she is doing this dusty-springfield-baptist-tent-revival-night-club-jesus-unrequited-love-soul-singer thing, and when a girl is out of songs, she's out of songs.

jenny plays guitar and is tiny, in a vintage purple polyester dress, and the watson twins are creepy/beautiful in that way that adult twins are, and wore cheesy/awesome black cocktail dresses and played tamborine, clapped wooden sticks like kindergarteners, and clacked two quarters together (which jenny pointed out - otherwise, i would not have assumed that's what they were playing). the band was four hott indie rock countrified guys in western shirts. we missed the opening band, who is called whispertown 2000. jenny thanked them for playing and mentioned that their original name was vagtown 2000 but changed it, and that made me wish we had shown up on time.

it was a really good show - short, sweet. i have a definite penchant for the tragic ladies of old-school country - loretta, dolly, patsy - and i love 70s soul. if anyone has any recommendations for other bands or singers that i might really dig, let me know. the hour was too short and makes me want to listen to gospel-tinged heartbreak music.

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