Thursday, March 23, 2006

so productive at work i've been slacking in keeping up with D-LISTED (god forbid!)

why haven't i been blogging? well, bitches, it's because it's Professionalism Week. i had thought that when i tackled Professionalism Week it would logically coincide with Morning Person Week, which was dumb of me. i can't do two foreign concepts at the same time. i am not a morning person in the least, and while i act professional at work, it would be a stretch to say that i absolutely throw myself into my job and tackle responsibilities while also discovering creative ways to enrich my position. i have been doing this all week - my boss' boss asked me last week to plan and execute two forums where i get random staff members together to discuss new and innovative ways for my department to work with our members, and i have been running around planning these meetings, facilitating them (one wednesday, one tomorrow), learning how to conference in affiliates on the phone, and making plans for the coming months and writing up strategic plans and such. i'm not saying that i'm usually a lazy and slow worker, but having actual projects that need to be done and need to have outcomes has been a breath of fresh air. even if i'm still not getting up at 5:30 to drink tea, do yoga, write my novel, or whatever it is that "morning people" do. that's going to have to be some other week.

i have two songs by eva cassidy - "songbird," which was on the love, actually soundtrack and i think is really pretty, and a cover of "what a wonderful world" that is from an acoustic compilation i bought in ireland this past summer. i was wikipediaing something, which made me click to something else, etc, and i ended up on her page. turns out that she died of melanoma in 1996 at the age of 33. learning things like that is always so startling and sad. so now of course i'm going to have to track down more of her music.

i don't want to make a snide joke (is it still too soon or will it simply never be funny?), but watch this short clip from godspell, filmed on top of one of the world trade center's towers. the terrorists hate our freedom, and they hate our jesus christ super-star musicals.

remember chuck norris facts? some show got him to read some of them on the air. it's strangely touching. and badass, of course. watch here. he's right: the best one really is "When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris."

no one ever really seems all that surprised when former child stars hit rough times, but this one's notable: the little sister from family matters did porn. oh, and dave coulier has his own website - yeah, he bought the domain name

i just ordered these shoes on zappos today, and i must say that i haven't been this excited for a new pair of shoes since my red sauconys arrived a year ago.

i don't understand what this article is, who wrote it, and why there is no information surrounding it, but i love that it just silently sits on the washington post website, simply informing us what the 8 Dos and Don'ts are. i also love that it lists them all twice, in case you need to read them again.

i just love the concept of this: ambien, the sleep aid, has the unusual side effect of sleepwalking to your kitchen and blindly stuffing your face. you have no idea that this happens until you wake up covered in cheeto dust and your oven is still on. i also love that it's taken this long for the side effect to be discussed, because everyone that this keeps happening to has been too embarrassed to say anything about it. they also mention that a possible side effect is driving while you're asleep. um, maybe that one needs to be monitored. "One day," she said, "I got up — my husband describes this in great detail — I got a package of hamburger buns and I just tore it open like a grizzly bear and just stood there and ate the whole package. He said a couple things to me and then he realized I was asleep." She has switched to working days and no longer takes Ambien.

ag and i saw unknown white male tonight. it's a really well-shot documentary (conveniently, the amnesiac is a big fan of filming everything, and one of his friends is a documentary filmmaker) and really does bring up impressive, mind-blowing existential questions about what your memories and experiences lend to your personality, who you are in relation to everyone you know and everything you've done, and what it means to have a completely un-cynical view of the world, empty of preconceptions and stereotypes because everything is original. it also tears you between being engrossed in this man's new, blank life, and absolutely believing that he's not a sociopath liar. this washington post article asks lots of legit questions that the film doesn't answer. it's so hard to know what is real in this. it is, after all, the year of the liar (thanks james frey and jt leroy). doug bruce's story is just so convenient - of course he's gorgeous, and lives on two continents, and so rich that he doesn't have to work. of course his amnesia occurred sometime between him telling a friend that he was going to stay in on that saturday evening and then when he "woke up" on the subway the next day, getting out at coney island and walking into the police station with the admission that he had no idea who or where he was. of course he had a mysterious phone number written on a piece of paper in his backpack but no identification, and, most importantly, of course it's all captured on film. it's all very convenient. i want to believe him . . . but i don't know if i do.


tc said...

totally dig eva cassidy. eb has a song by her on her sb experiment II love cd. it's called "take my breath away." it would've gone on my "songs to get down to" cd had eb not beaten me to the punch.

p.s. love the pics of the dog with the black beard.

tc said...

oh yeah, one more thing: she does a great cover of "fields of gold" too.