Tuesday, March 07, 2006

tears. blog won't let me post any photos.

jk asked me if i had decided to give up on my blog. i sure haven't, bitch!

i've been busy but i don't really know what i've been up to. my Everything Kicks Ass week was really good - i did something interesting/fun every day. this is New Music Week. i hoard new albums and downloads the way that old women hoard cats. i collect, i beg, i borrow, i steal, i absolutely *must have* - and then it is mine, and i go hoard more. i'm not retarded-bad about it, like i have indiscriminate taste and collect simply to own, but i am so overwhelmed with a constant stream of new (or new-to-me) music that sometimes i will just bust out something old or i just listen to the same album over and over (hello, spoon's gimme fiction, which i listen to like every morning as i get ready, and have for the past eight months). so i am making a concerted effort to listen to all of these random albums and songs i have recently acquired.

so far this week i have been getting into the national's alligator, art brut, regina spektor's soviet kitsch, the excellent mix cd ag made me for my birthday, the arctic monkeys, and the boy least likely to.

so it's not a difficult week, but i don't like torturing myself consistently.

two online quizzes: one that tests your ability to discern internet hoaxes from factual forwards, and one that measures how successful you would be in extreme survival situations. i learned that i am slightly naive and so, so maimed if i am ever attacked by a dog, my plane crashes into the ocean, or i am stranded in the desert.

the onion av club asks random famous people to report on what the first five songs are that pop up on their ipods when they hit shuffle. hmmm - where have i seen something very similar to that before? i have not reported what my first shuffle song of the day has been lately, so to make up for it, here is the first ten, while i shuffle right now:
1. a simple question - action action
2. let it die - feist
3. hopped up on the q - dane cook
4. john wayne gacy, jr - sufjan stevens
5. rip off the gift - chisel
6. streets of london - sinead o'connor
7. teenager(s) - meat puppets
8. brothers gonna work it out - public enemy
9. suicide blonde - inxs
10. the letter - pj harvey
that's not really all that bad of a mix.

the onion av club also listed five truly useful websites, and gave a shout-out to my new boyfriend, wikipedia.

this made-up tori amos set list made me laugh. i used to LOVE tori. i wasn't one of those sad crying emotionally-fragile girls that would go to her shows wearing homemade fairy wings and cutting myself during the opening band, but i thought that her music was really interesting and lyrically brilliant and i thought that she was really smart . . . and then i turned 22, and sort of lost interest. i still love boys for pele and from the choirgirl hotel, though.

i read about this guy in the new yorker, and i am excited for the documentary. some people think he's totally full of shit. the trailer is really beautiful, actually.

and finally, a washington post reporter asks why people bother blogging. that is a very good question, and one that i am not prepared to answer right now.

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