Thursday, April 20, 2006

13 links - i'm back

Q: am i alive?
Q: am i okay?
Q: have i given up on blog?

A: yep, yes, nope.

i've been to five states since i last wrote. going to dc for a week soon, but other than that i ought to be around. except for when i go to denver, and when i go to philly. really, i ought to just try more.

exercise week was not "intense" per se but it was a nice start to spring. the atlanta hilton has an outdoor track off of the fourth floor with really nice unobstructed views of downtown (and the goose bumps adult entertainment complex next door) that i quite enjoyed walking and, yes, jogging. there was a lot more walking. now i'm on short stories week. i love short stories: they're so to-the-point and artful - no extra words, no tangents, nothing that isn't important. i read speaking with the angel, a collection edited by nick hornby, and at night i've been reading out of this big old school anthology i picked up at the coffeehouse/bookshop i worked at in college, which is called, simply, fictions. i reread guy de maupassant's "the necklace," which is one of my all-time favorites, and one by alice munro, one by alice adams, and a creepy one by joyce carol oates. saying that you read a creepy story by jco is like saying that you heard a shitty song by jennifer lopez - it's just sort of obvious.

i keep meaning to look into whether the andrew bird song "fake palindromes" was inspired by jco's book zombie. the narrator of the song describes pretty much what the guy in the book does ("some lonely night we can get together / and I'm gonna tie your wrists with leather / and drill a tiny hole into your head").

lots of things to link t

1. dave chappelle tells us where aids comes from. you'll piss yourself, for real, it's so funny. really not safe for work (thanks, tb).

2. relieve stress by popping this bubble wrap. not as satisfying as the real thing, but i like "manic mode" and what you hear when you click "fresh sheet." got this from pos.

3. how is this allowed to happen? am scared! i can hear the clippity-clop of the four horsemen. revolt against the automatons!

4. the cyberweb is a very random place.

5. i take exception to this list from Q magazine about the worst albums ever recorded. btw, i adore british music magazines. i bought the latest uncut issue at the atlanta airport, which had gorgeous old wayne coyne on the cover and came with a cd featuring new tracks from morr
issey, the flaming lips, my latest novel, josh ritter and a bunch of bands i had never heard of. anyway, read the list here. some of them are obvious, but beck's midnight vultures is awesome, and i have a soft spot for alanis and oasis.

6. not to get into a "what is art?" and "what is appropriate subject matter for art?" discussion, but this website has a painting of what kurt cobain's corpse looked like after he pulled the trigger. i don't know what the website has to say (i don't speak german), but it's creepy.

7. living by principle: the founder of ikea is a cheap bastard. i want to know if his 80-year-old bones can stand to sleep on one of his futons.

8. the raconteurs' website is real apple-iie-rad.

9. how do we feel about jack white writing a song for a worthless product that dissolves nails and has destroyed the bodies of three generations? better or worse than just leasing a song for a product? it's still a cool commercial. thanks all who sent it to me. btw, have you seen the freakish new doublemint gum/mint commercial where the tall, fat, bald white man and the chipper middle-aged black woman sing about them being the doublemint twins (but different)?

10. wanna listen to ted kennedy read part of his new book? click here. love the accent - stories about his mutha's fahtha and all that. i know there are many reasons not to, but i heart tedward.

11. september 11th movies - ugggh. this trailer, for united 93, brought up a lot of depressing thoughts and feelings for me. just reading about the moussauoi trial - and that they released the calls to 911 (only the dispatchers' voices and instructions) - make me shake my head and feel shitty. it will be interesting to see how this film (from the guy that made the bourne supremecy) and the one that oliver stone are making turn out. it will also be really interesting to see the box office receipts. the onion was so right when they went back to press that fall.

12. you know your city has a crack epidemic when your mayor is busted by the feds smoking it in a hotel room with a hooker ("bitch set me up!"). crack paraphenelia may be illegal to sell, but manufacturers have come up with innovative ways to sell the glass you need to make a decent pipe (i'm writing this like i know the difference). interesting washington post article about the crack-down found here. CRACK-down. good one.

13. cool story about a gustav klimt masterpiece being returned to its rightful owner, a jewish family that lost it when the nazis stole it.

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