Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ms scissors goes to washington

i spent a large part of the afternoon reading and emailing about september 11th conspiracy theories - rm sent along a video that examines how the plane that crashed into the pentagon was really probably a missle or a fighter jet or some shit like that (watch here). they do a good job setting up the proof of a cover-up, other than being rational. i went to wikipedia's sept 11 conspiracy page (and was mocked for looking for answers on wikipedia) and found that popular mechanics ruined a lot of fun paranoia by having experts and scientists chime in with proven fact and empirical evidence. the psychology of conspiracy theories is fun to me. people like to believe that the world is being tugged around by shadowy figures - mere chance, random violence and closed-case terrible events performed by enemies that you can pin-point seem to be too hard to accept. blame a web of lies, preferably from the guv'ment.

hey, here's an asshole: a republican rep from north carolina doesn't want to erect a monument in shanksville to commemorate united flight 93. he's like the ONLY person in congress who doesn't want to fund it - too expensive. no comment on how he feels about the bargain-basement deal that the war in iraq is.

and my friend ds is running for congress (district 3, connecticut - green party). i was surprised to read his email (good god, aren't i too young to have college friends actually do something important?) but am excited for him - regardless of how his campaign goes, this is only the beginning of his long illustrious career in grassroots politics and meaningful change. i am also thrilled that ds is the first of my friends to step up his game. we used to stay up for the majority of the night talking and arguing, and i have been known to purposefully dump my beer on him. i used to be sort of an irrational drunk. he is no trust fund kid that is dabbling in politics as some sort of narcissistic hobby, either - dude has been broke forever. he bummed so many cigarettes from me that after i realized that i was funding his nicotine habit, when i would hear "hey, burd?" (his nickname for me) and chopstick his crooked fingers at me, pantomiming that he wanted a smoke, i would toss one into the far corner of the room and say, "sure," making him go fetch. i used to be sort of a bitch as well as an irrational drunk.

so all of this is just an introduction to my new week in my Year of Something Different: it's politics week! tomorrow i go to dc, former home and the city i love, for work, and have lobbying appointments thursday (in a group, but whatevs) with dick durbin and every democrat's boyfriend, barack obama. i have to stay through the weekend to attend meetings, and i'll be there until wednesday night to see friends, enjoy the weather, hit the pharmacy bar (read this hilarious review from some georgetown prick) and the black cat, and see how much dc has transformed in the few months since i've been there last. different neighborhoods are gentrified and renewed all the time - i'll stay in mob's new condo in logan circle, which used to be overrun with hookers and crack, and i seriously can barely believe how disney-fied chinatown has become - i used to work near there, and it was not a place you'd want to wander around at night. now you have to dodge the hoardes of shoppers and tourists.

so i wont be blogging for a while. since it's politics week, i will direct you to the syracusan, good buddy who was a dc housemate. just skip over his sports posts.

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Anonymous said...

don't know if you remember her, but lizza actually saw the plane fly into the pentagon. she was on the metro at national airport stop when it happened...

not that that should stop any of us from believing in conspiracies!

I'll be back in WI soon. Can't wait to see you.